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Neuropsychiatry Section

Patricia Mary Hearons, BA

Patricia Hearons BAPatricia attended Temple University studying philosophy and cognitive neuroscience. She also took courses in the arts and a strong interest in neuroaesthetics. Volunteered in the Labs of Peter J. Marshall Ph.D. investigating the mind-body relationship in children and Gerry Stefanatos D.Phil. investigating auditory processing.
Lab manager at the Georgia Institute of Technology under Paul Verhaeghen, Ph.D. and Audrey Duarte, Ph.D. investigating cognition and memory in aging, short-term visual memory, and the binding problem.


  • Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy, Minor: Cognitive Neuroscience - Temple University


  • Clinical Research Coordinator

Current Projects

  • CONTE: Neurophysiology of social-emotional dysfunction in schizophrenia.

Recent Publications

  • Duarte, A., Hearons, P.M., Jiang, Y, Delvin, M.C., Newsome, R.N., & Verhaeghen, P. (2013) Retrospective attention enhances visual working memory in the young but not the old: An ERP study. Psychophysiology, 50(5).
  • Medical Illustration/Graphic Design in: Stefanatos, G. A., & DeMarco, A. (2012). Central Auditory Disorders. In V. S. Ramachandran (Ed.),Encyclopedia of Human Behavior (2nd ed.). Oxford: Elsevier.

Brain illustration by P. M. Hearons

Select Presented Research

  • Sengupta, S., Verhaeghen, P., & Hearons, P., The disintegration of visual-short term memory capacity: The capacity of colored objects is most often determined by the number of features. Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society 2011. Seattle, WA.
  • Sengupta, S., Verhaeghen, P., & Hearons, P.M., Storing objects in visual short-term memory: Location is key. Cognitive Science Society 2011 Meeting, Boston, MA
  • Stefanatos, G.A., DeMarco, A. , Hearons, P.M., & A. Parsons. Specialized Neural Responses to Onset Features of Auditory Objects. International Neuropsychological Society 2011 Meeting, Boston, MA