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The 2013 BEAT Institute Think Tank was a huge success. We have published a theme issue in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, available in the May 2015 issue. Manuscripts are available below under "BEAT Publications & Work".

We are continuing to look to the possibility of holding future Institutes. In the meantime, you may click on some of the presentations below from previous Institutes to learn more about the individual topics, as well as some BEAT alumni work.


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Nutrition Environments

Nutrition and Built Environment Overview (Glanz)
NEMS: Nutrition Environment Measures Survey (Glanz)
Home Nutrition Environments (Ward)
School Nutrition Environments (Henderson)
Measuring the Food Environment in Minority Communities (Gittlesohn)

Self-Report Measures (Glanz)

Physical Activity Environments

Physical Activity and Built Environment Overview (Sallis)
Overview of Park Audit Tools (Saelens)
Observation of Parks and Playgrounds: SOPARC and SOPLAY (McKenzie)
Environmental Audits (Day)
Self-Report Measures (Sallis)

Other Tools and Applications of Built Environment Assessments

Transportation (Rodriguez)

GIS: Global Information Systems (Hillier)
Data Analysis
Databases and Economic Analysis (Powell)
Policy Change

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BEAT Institute Information

There is no week-long Institute being held this year.

Schedule: When a future Institute is organized, a draft schedule will be posted.

Travel: When a future Institute is organized, travel information will be posted.

Application: When a future Institute is organized, the application will be posted.

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BEAT Publications & Work

AJPM Theme Issue - Published May 2015

This themed collection in the May 2015 American Journal of Preventive Medicine is the result of the 2013 BEAT Think Tank, which brought together thought leaders in obesity, built environment, nutrition and physical activity and related fields, to discuss the state of the science and practice and identify areas for future research, intervention development and training. Supported by funding from Healthy Eating Research, Active Living Research, and the USDA. Click on article titles for pdf access.

Built Environment Assessment and Interventions for Obesity Prevention:
Moving the Field Forward


Other Work

We have compiled a document of some of our alumni work. Click here to view.




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BEAT Alumni Webinars

Stephanie Calloway and Tatiana Maida, 2009 ALof CORE/El Centro in Milwaukee, WI trained some promotoras to collect NEMS-S data. Learn about their project and results in this webinar. If you would like to contact them to learn more, email Stephanie at

If you'd like to view just the slides, click here.

(If you'd prefer to view the slides without the audio, click on their names: Rebecca's and Jenn's)

Rebecca Krukowski, PhD and Jen Otten (Jan 2012)

Description: Please join us in a webinar to learn about the use and scoring of the Children's Menu Assessment (CMA) tool and how the tool is being used to track the impacts of toy giveaway legislation in California. Click here for CMA tool. Click here for scoring.

Background: The Children's Menu Assessment tool was adapted from the NEMS-R, to focus attention on restaurant children's menus. This tutorial will provide training on the use of the tool, how to score it and an example of how it is being used in the field to track the impacts of California's toy giveaway legislation - legislation prohibiting restaurants from distributing toy giveaways with meals, foods, and beverages not meeting minimal nutrition criteria.

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