Faculty Co-Directors

Mike LevyMike Levy graduated from Amherst College in 1998, and received his PhD in Ecology, Evolution from Emory University in 2007. Concurrent to his PhD research he worked in the Entomology Department of the Centers for Disease Control. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Fogarty International Center of the NIH for two years, and then began as an Assistant professor of Biostatistics and Epidemiology in the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine.

Mike's research is at the interface of epidemiology, ecology and statistics to understand and control vector-borne and other infectious diseases. He has focused his research the past nine years on the control of urban Chagas disease transmission in Peru. His research team in Peru conducts epidemiological studies on Chagas disease as well as entomological and ecological research on disease vectors and reservoirs. In addition his team uses quantitative and qualitative methods to elucidate the factors that have led to urbanization of a disease traditionally associated with rural poverty. Mike's methodological interests include developing new Bayesian methods to retrace the history of epidemics, and applying techniques from control theory to optimize interventions against infectious diseases. Mike has recently begun a new line of research on bed bugs in Philadelphia.

Dr. Hillary Nelson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry Dr. Hillary Nelson - photoand Biophysics at the Perelman School of Medicine. Dr. Nelson initially trained in biochemistry and molecular biology. After almost three decades focusing on basic science problems, Dr. Nelson decided to switch emphases from proteins to populations. She retrained in public health and completed her MPH here at Penn in December 2011. Her public health interests focus on how basic science impacts public health policy.





Anne-Cara Apple is the Student Records and Certificate Programs Coordinator for Biomedical Graduate Studies (BGS) at the Perelman School of Medicine. Anne-Cara keeps track of all the students in the certificate programs (Environmental Health Science, Public Health and Graduate Training in Medical Science) and is the contact person for admission into any of these certificate programs (click to email).