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BIOM 555 Gene Expression


Lectures: Austrian Auditorium CRB: Tues/Thurs: 9:00-10:30 a.m.

Course Organizers:

Paul Lieberman email:

Thomas Jongens email:

Teaching Assistants:   
Dustin Hanck    email:

Alanna Strong   email:

Ruchira Ranaweera  email:

Adam Ewing  email: 

BGS Administrator:

Colleen Dunn (898-2792;; 160 BRB II/III)


Lecture 1: Thursday January 14th: Regulation of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic DNA  Replication (Paul Lieberman)

Lecture 2: Tuesday January 19th: Telomeric replication (Brad Johnson)

Lecture 3: Thursday January 21st: Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic DNA Repair/Cell Cycle Checkpoints I (Eric Brown) 

Lecture 4: Tuesday January 26th: Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic DNA Repair/Cell Cycle Checkpoints II (Eric Brown) 

Lecture 5: Thursday January 28th: High-Throughput Analysis of Gene Expression (Jonathan Schug)

Lecture 6: Tuesday February 2nd: Prokaryotic Transcriptional Regulation I (Mark Goulian)

Lecture 7: Thursday February 4th: Prokaryotic Transcriptional Regulation II (Mark Goulian)

Lecture 8: Tuesday February 9th: Eukaryotic Transcriptional Regulation I: General Principles (Thomas Kadesch)

Lecture 9: Thursday February 11th: Eukaryotic Transcriptional Regulation II: Control of Transcription Factor Activity (Thomas Kadesch)

Lecture 10: Tuesday February 16th: Eukaryotic Transcriptional Regulation III: CoActivator and CoRepressors (Thomas Kadesch)

Lecture 11: Thursday February 18th: Chromatin and Gene Regulation (Shelley Berger)

Lecture 12: Tuesday February 23rd: Long range chromatin interactions and nuclear organization (Gerd Blobel)

Lecture 13: Thursday February 25th: Histone modification language (Shelley Berger)

Lecture 14: Tuesday March 2nd: Chromatin modification and human disease (Shelley Berger)

MIDTERM: Thursday March 4th    (In class Examination)

Springbreak: Tuesday March 9th and Thursday March 11th 

Lecture 15: Tuesday March 16th: DNA Modification I (Marisa Bartolomei)

Lecture 16: Thursday March 18th: DNA Modification II (Marisa Bartolomei)

Lecture 17: Tuesday March 23rd: RNA Splicing (Russ Carstens)

Lecture 18: Thursday March 25th: Nuclear Import/Export (Russ Carstens)

Lecture 19: Tuesday March 30th: Translational Control and RNA Localization I (Peter Klein)

Lecture 20: Thursday April 1st: Translational Control and RNA Localization II (Peter Klein)

Lecture 21: Tuesday April 6th: RNA Editing (Thomas Jongens)

Lecture 22: Thursday April 8th: miRNAs/siRNAs (Zissimos Mourelatos)

NEWS AND VIEWS PAPER DUE 5:00 PM:  by email:

Lecture 23: Tuesday April 13th: Pi RNAs (Zissimos Mourelatos)

Lecture 24:  Thursday April 15th: Non-Coding Cryptic RNAs (Ramin Shiekhattar)

Lecture 25: Tuesday April 20th: RNA directed heterochromatin (Paul Lieberman)

Lecture 26: Thursday April 22nd: Regulation of Protein Function by Post-translational modification (Thomas Jongens)

Lecture 27: Tuesday April 27th: Review

Final:   April 29th  (Austrian Auditorium-`~ 9-10:30) 


Molecular Biology of the Cell (Alberts et al.)

Molecular Cell Biology Lodish et al. (older editions are by Darnell et al.)

Genes VIII Benjamin Lewin


MB: Marisa Bartolomei (898-9063 363 CRB:

SB: Shelley Berger (CRB:

GB: Gerd Blobel (590-3988 316A Abramson:

EB: Eric Brown (746-2805 510 BRB II/III:

RC: Russ Carstens (215-573-1838  411 Hill Pavilion:

BJ: Brad Johnson (573-5037 405A SCL:

TJ: Thomas Jongens (573-9332 538A CRB:

TK: Thomas Kadesch (898-1047 409 CRB:

MG: Mark Goulian (573-6991 204F Lynch Bio Labs:

PL: Paul Lieberman (898-9491 Wistar:

PK: Peter Klein (898-2179 364 CRB:

ZM: Zissimos Mourelatos (215-746-0014, 613B SCL:

JS: Jonathan Schug (898-0773, 752A CRB:

RS: Ramin Shiekhattar (215-898-3896 Wistar