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CAMB 691 Advanced Topics in Cell Biology and Physiology I


CAMB 691 is a seminar course for first and second year graduate students focusing on the in-depth consideration of key topics in cell biology and physiology.  We will emphasize current questions in the field, focusing on how these questions can be addressed with new experimental approaches.  The course will be organized around three major themes: (1) channels and transporters; (2) cell compartmentation, and membrane trafficking; and 3) dynamics of the cellular cytoskeleton.

CAMB 691 will meet twice a week.  New topics will generally be introduced in lectures presented by the faculty during the Monday sessions, and then will be discussed in depth in student-led presentations of relevant papers during the Friday sessions.

Students will be evaluated based on their presentations, lively participation in class discussions, and performance on problem sets assigned on each topic.

Course Organizer:

            Erika Holzbaur

            Dept. of Physiology

            D400 Richards/6085



Participating Faculty:

Erfei Bi

Chris Burd

Margaret Chou

Carol Deutsch

Roberto Dominguez

Bob Doms

Ekaterina Grishchuk

Erika Holzbaur

Paul Janmey

Todd Lamitina

Mickey Marks

Michael Ostap

Class will meet Mondays from 10:30 AM to 12 and Fridays from 10:30 AM to 12:30 in BRB 801, starting January 11, with the exception of the week of February 22 when we will meet in Blockley 1311 and February 26 when we will meet in JMB Class of 62.  

In addition, there will be several coordinating seminars by visiting scientists, including opportunities to meet with the seminar speakers over lunch.  Times and dates will be announced.