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CAMB/IMUN 609 Vaccines and Immune Therapeutics


Course Directors

Dr. David Weiner

Dr. Paul Offit

Dr. Emilio Emini
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Jean Boyer

Description: The goal of the Vaccines course is to expand on student’s general understanding of the immune system and to focus this understanding towards the application of vaccination. Furthermore the course will give the student a sense of how these principles are applied to vaccine and immune therapeutic development. The course covers basic science as well as the Clinical, Ethical & Political implications of Modern Vaccines.

Initial lectures will review immune mechanisms believed to be responsible for vaccine induced protection from disease. Subsequent lectures build on this background to explore the science of vaccines for diverse pathogens, including agents of bioterrorism as well as vaccines for cancer. An appreciation for the application of laboratory science to the clinical development of vaccines is provided in the next section of the course along with lectures that focus on the ethical implications of vaccines in different situations. The financial implications of specific vaccines and their impact on the global community, is a specific focus of the course.

Requirements and Student Evaluation:
The course is lecture style and will have a required reading list prepared in advance to provide the students background for the specific topic. Students will be graded by course participation as well as by a final written exam. The course is intended for graduate students or Medical Students in various MS, Ph.D. or MD/Ph.D. programs on the campus as well as local scientists and professionals in the community. As a prerequisite students should have taken biology, biochemistry or immunology courses at the advanced college level. A final project will be graded from all students. The final project is to propose in a written report a vaccine strategy for a current pathogen of importance that does not as yet have an effective vaccine. Strategies used should build on the material presented in the class lectures. The details of the final paper will be further discussed in class.

Sponsored by: Immunology Graduate Group co-sponsored and by the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate group and supported by the IME, and by the Masters in Biotechnology Program.

Sept 16 Welcome & Vaccine History (David Weiner/Paul Offit)-Penn
Sept 17 B Cells, antibodies, and the humoral immune response (Michael Cancro)_ Penn

Sept 23 Bacterial Vaccine (John Robbins)-NIH
Sept 24 A Genomic Approach to Bacterial Vaccines (Jeffrey Weiser) - Penn

Sept 30 Pneumococcal Vaccines (William Gruber) - Wyeth
Cellular Immune Responses (Michael Betts) Penn

Oct 1 Influenza/ retroviruses (Penny Heaton) - Novavax
Diarrhea Diseases (James Nataro) – U. Maryland

Oct 7 Cancer Vaccines/Immune-therapy (Carl June) - Penn
Oct 8 Polio (Neal Nathanson) - Penn
Vaccine Safety Paul Offit

Oct 14 Vaccine Ethics (Jason Schwartz) – PENN
Legal Issues (Geoffrey Evans) - VICP – CDC

Oct 15 HSV (Gary Dubin) - GSK

Oct 21 ???????
Oct 22 Rotavirus (Mark Bagarazzi) – Merck
Adjuvant Technology (Alan Shaw) - Vaccinate

Oct 28 Smallpox (Stanley Plotkin) – Sanofi- Aventis
Oct 29 Past -Future of Live Attenuated 17D YF Vaccine (Jan Ter Meulen) - Merck

Nov 4 Manufacturing Vaccine – Merck Visit (John Aunins) - Merck
Nov 5 Staph Aureus Vaccine (Kathrin Jansen) -Wyeth
Varicella (Jo. White) – VGX Pharm

Nov 11 Vaccine Technologies Looking Forward (David Kaslow) - Merck
Nov 12 TB Vaccine Developement (Jerald Sadoff) - AERAS
Vaccine Economics (Patricia Danzon) - Wharton

Nov 18 RSV Vaccines (Tonya Villafana & Elissa Malkin )-Medimmune
Nov 19 HPV Richard M. Haupt - Merck

Dec 2 Malaria & Developing World Vaccines (Adel Mahmoud) - Princeton
Dec 3 Vaccine Regulatory Agency Workshop (Karen Goldenthal &Julienne Valliancourt)
Dec 9 ?????? (John Shiver) - Merck
Dec 10 So You Want to Make a Vaccine? (Emilio Emini) - Wyeth

December 16th & 17th EXAM
Required Reading - Vaccinated:One Man's Quest to Defeat the World's Deadliest Diseases, By Paul A. Offit, M.D.