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GCB 531 Introduction to Genome Science

 September 14 Harold Riethman  DNA sequencing, basics of chromosome structure and function
 September 16 Harold Riethman  The human genome project
 September 21 Harold Riethman  High throughput sequencing methods and applications
 September 23 Harold Riethman  Large-scale genomics projects (1000 genomes, Cancer Genome, ENCODE)
 September 28 Rick Bushman  Metagenomics
 September 30 Klaus Kaestner  Epigenomics and ChIP-seq
 October 5  John Hogenesch  RNA expression analysis
 October 7 John Hogenesch  Integrative genomics and circadian rhythms
 October 12 Maja Bucan  Genetic principles
 October 14 Maja Bucan  Model organisms and forward genetic screens
 October 19 Fall Break
 October 21 TBA  Whole genome association studies
 October 26 Midterm
 October 28 John Hogenesch  Reverse genetic screens
 November 2 John Hogenesch  Systems biology approaches
 November 4 John Hogenesch  eQTL studies
 November 9 John Maris  Cancer genomics I
 November 11 Carlo Maley  Cancer genomics II
 November 16 PCBI/GCB Retreat
 November 18 Chris Chen  Microfluidics and genomic engineering
 November 23 Jim Eberwine  Single-cell genomics
 November 25 Thanksgiving
 November 30 TBH  Comparative genomics
 December 2 David Speicher  Introduction to proteomics
 December 7 David Speicher  Advanced proteomics
 December 9 Review