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IMUN/CAMB 609 Vaccines and Immune Therapeutics

Vaccines & Immune Therapeutics: IMUN/CAMB 609
Time 3:00-5:00PM in BRB #251
Emilio Emini, Paul Offit, Jean D. Boyer, David Weiner,


Sept 10th Welcome & Introduction/History of Vaccines lecture (Paul Offit)
Sept 11th Introduction: Vaccine Safety (Paul Offit)

Sept 17th Immunology of Vaccines/Humoral and Cellular(Nina Luning-Prak)
/Michael Betts
Sept 18th Vaccine Regulatory Issues (Karen Goldenthal)
Sept 24th So You Want to Make a Vaccine? (Emilio Emini)
Sept 25th Rotavirus (Mark Baggarazzi)

Oct 1st Clinical Vaccine Development (Bill Gruber)
Oct 2nd Influenza/ retroviruses (Penny Heaton)
Diarrheal (James Nataro)

Oct 15th CancerVaccines (Dr. Carl June)
Oct 16th Vaccine Economics (Patricia Danzon)
Legal Issues (Geoffrey Evans)

Oct 22nd Vaccine Ethics (Ruth Macklin)
Oct 23rd Polio (Neal Nathanson)
HSV (Gary Dubin)

Oct 29th TB (Jerald Sadoff)
Oct 30th Smallpox (Stan Plotkin)
HPV (Richard M. Haupt)

Nov 5th Adjuvant Technology(early class 2:30-4:00) (Alan Shaw )
Nov 6th HSV (Gary Dubin)
Past and Future of the Live Attenuated 17D Yellow Fever Vaccine (Jan Ter Meulen)
?????? (Mark Feinberg)
Nov 12th Manufacturing Vaccine – Merck Visit (B. Buckland)
Nov 13th a. TBD (Kathrin Jansen)
b. Varocella (Jo. White)

Nov 19th Pneumococcal Vaccine/Bacterimic Vaccines (Emilio Emini)
Nov 20th HIV (John Shiver)

Dec 3rd Malaria & Developing World Vaccines (Adel Mahmoud)
Dec 4th Public Private Partnership (Tonya Villafana/Ashley Birkett)

Dec 10th
Dec 11th Vaccine Technologies Looking Forward (David Kaslow/David Weiner)

Exams –December 17th and 18th

Required Reading - Vaccinated:One Man's Quest to Defeat the World's Deadliest Diseases, By Paul A. Offit, M.D.