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NGG Required and Recommended Courses


Course # Semester Course Title Course Director
BIOM 600 Fall Cell Biology Assoian
NGG 572 Fall Core Course II: Electrical Language of Cells Hoshi/Coulter
NGG 573 Spring Core Course III: Systems Neuroscience (PSYC 609) Nusbaum/Contreras
NGG 577 Spring and Fall Core Course IV: Journal Club Cullen/Maday
NGG 699   Lab Rotations (3 required)  


NGG 574 Spring Neuromorphing (CE 526)  

NGG 576

Spring Neuropsychopharm (PHRM 550/PSYC 750) Lucki
NGG 578 Spring Adv. Topics in Behavioral Genetics (BIOL 488) Abel/Bucan
NGG 580 Spring (upon demand) Biophysical Neuronal Modeling (BE 519) Finkel
NGG 581 Spring Auditory Neurobiology Saunders
NGG 584 Fall Neurobiology of Sleep Regulation Raizen
NGG 587 Spring Neurobiology of Disease Dichter
NGG 589 Spring Neuroendocrinology (PSYC 602/PHRM 530/CAMB 589) Flanagan-Cato
NGG 592 Spring Cognitive Neuroscience (PSYC 604) Thompson-Schill
NGG 593 Spring Structural Neurobiology Crino
NGG 594 Spring Computational Neuroscience (BE 520) Finkel
NGG 596 Spring Neurochem/Neuropharm (PHRM 510) Blendy
NGG 597 Fall Neural Development, Regeneration & Repair (PSYC 609) Bashaw
NGG 618 Spring Recovery after Neural Injury Neumar/Welsh
NGG 630 Spring Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory (CAMB 5997) Thompson-Schill
NGG 631 Spring Cognitive Neuroscience of Affect (PSYC 631) Farah
NGG 632 Spring Cognitive Neuroscience of Vision (PSYC 632) Epstein
NGG 706 Fall Neuroeconomics Kable
NGG 727 Spring Electronics for Scientists (PSYC 727) Andrews-Labenski