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Teaching Assistantships and Other Jobs


In general, BGS students are not required to teach and are not supported by teaching assistantships. The exceptions are Neuroscience and Biostatistics students, who are required to teach for a semester as part of their training. Students in any graduate group who wish to obtain teaching experience may apply for TA positions offered by departments sponsoring undergraduate courses and for a few BGS-related TA positions. Teaching opportunities are announced by email.

Students may not accept TA ships without prior approval of their thesis advisor (if applicable) and graduate group chair. Effort should not exceed 10hrs/week. If a student is conducting a full-semester TA ship or other job that requires 100+ hours of service, approval of the BGS Director is required as well. In addition, students may serve as TAs or conduct other approved tasks for a maximum of two semesters only. (Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the thesis advisor and graduate group chair for students conducting short term or otherwise limited service, such as tutoring.) Students who wish to participate in a 3rd semester of teaching for the CTL certificate program or a 3rd semester of supplemental activity for the PCI fellows program may do so with the permission of mentor and graduate group chair but may not receive supplemental pay for the 3rd semester. (Note that BGS students are not permitted to serve as resident assistants, given the substantial demands associated with these positions.)

Students should complete and submit the forms below (PhD and VMD-PhD students, use BGS students link; MD-PhD students, use the MD-PhD students link) to request permission. The BGS office must receive the completed form prior to the start of the semester in which the work will be performed in order for payment to be approved. Instructions are at the bottom of the forms.

Contact Colleen Dunn at with any questions regarding TA ships and the academic approval process. Contact Tiffany Brooks at with any questions regarding payment.