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Help get an AAAS science policy program at Penn!

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS, publisher of Science) has a new Science & Policy program called Emerging Leaders in Science and Society (ELISS). ELISS will be a one-year competitive program meant to compliment graduate/professional student studies with the intent of producing leaders that can help the nation understand and address tough issues related to community, the economy, health, and environment/energy. Two broad, cross-disciplinary themes will be chosen for the year, so students with diverse expertise and fields of study will be included in the program. Many BGSA students have expressed interest in public policy, and this program is a way for them/you to get training and build your resume.

Here's where we need your help though. AAAS will only be choosing FIVE partner campuses to participate from different regions of the country. One consideration will be *student demand* for the program, so they have an online petition where students can urge AAAS to include their university. Please go and sign the petition, using your Penn email address!

If Penn is chosen as a partner campus students across all of the twelve graduate schools will have a chance to participate in campus events, team projects, and leadership and planning sessions. Please help us bring this program to Penn!