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Biking on Hamilton Walk in July

Yale Goldman/ University of Pennsylvania

2 June 2011

Brit was always very interested in my research on molecular motors and asked challenging questions. We enjoyed talking about that and muscle metabolism. The following anecdote captures his assertiveness and attitude toward authority.

One summer day about some years ago, probably ~2000, I was walking up Hamilton Walk near the Johnson Pavilion and I saw Brit coming the other way on his bike. He looked great with a big shock of white hair, a neatly pressed blue blazer and a very bright flowery necktie. I waved and he gave me a big smile, nodded, and went by. They often renovate the undergraduate dorms on the North Side of Hamilton Walk over the summers and so there was a yellow construction tape all the way along there. As I came up closer to the Richards building, there were two guards having an animated discussion. One of them called me to come over and asked me “What does it mean when you can’t walk?” I said I didn’t know, but maybe it’s something to do with your knee or your hip. The guard told me "This guy came by on a bike a few minutes ago." I asked was it the older gentleman with bright tie and the white hair and he said "Yes, that was him. I told him to stop riding but he ignored me. So I grabbed onto his bike and stopped him and said 'Sir this is my job; you can’t bike here in the construction zone'. He told me 'I have a note from my doctor that says I can’t walk.' and off he went".

– Yale Goldman