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A Story from 1997

Vasilis Ntziachristos / Institute for Biological and Medical Imaging, Munich Germany

02 June 2011

It has been a true blessing for me that Bjorn send me to Brit – to spent the most amazing five years in his lab. It was not just the science, but a life that seemed to know no limits – what an example to have as guidance. There so many stories to share; this is my favorite:

1997 – France. I picked up Britton from Nice airport to drive him to San Remo for a Bio-optics conference. I asked him if he preferred the highway or the scenic route through Nice and Monaco. He picked the second. When we entered Monte Carlo I drove him along the F1 track that runs the city citing facts about the last race there and progress with the conference. He kept looking at the sea; he had a smile on his face. Even years after the metal many wanted to sail with the US champion. So he ended up in Monaco and sailed with the Grimaldi’s; Prince Rainnier and his wife: ex-Philadelphian and somehow family friend Grace Kelly. BC said it was a wonderful day – and they spent many hours in the sea. And when the princess felt cold he volunteered his jacket. “Grace offered it back at the end of the trip but I told her to keep it. It must be still somewhere around here” BC said while we were leaving Monte Carlo behind.

They do not make men like this anymore.

– Vasilis Ntziachristos