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Always Gracious

Michael Solomon / EisnerAmper LLP

6 June 2011

Note: This reflection was written after the BC Memorial Symposium

Thank you so much for inviting me to be part of the tribute to Dr. Chance. As his accountant for more than 25 years, I did not have a firsthand appreciation of his professional accomplishments over a very long and productive lifetime.

Listening to the speakers at the dinner on Friday night gave me at least a small peek into what made him a giant in the field of science.
However, I can recall the day I went to see him to review his income tax return. He was testing a device that measured the noise in the brain. He asked my associate if she wanted to know how much noise was present in her brain. She agreed and as I had suspected there was a lot of noise there.

To me, Dr. Chance was a soft-spoken gentleman who always made you feel at ease in his company. He was always gracious and never petty. I will miss him as will the hundreds of people present at his tribute along with everyone who ever worked with him or knew him.

– Michael Solomon