Contribute a memory about BC

We think that descriptions from all of us lucky enough to know, first-hand, Britton Chance's personality, interests, creativity, way of thinking and way of doing, should be recorded as a biographical resource for a life that spanned and was engaged in a very significant time in history. This can come from your personal interactions, sailing ventures, and scientific collaborations at any level and of any kind, in the form of written or oral remembrances, photographs, and – important – any insightful, critical commentary on Britton Chance the scientist, how he thought and practiced his research and how he interacted with you and what was the impact on your career. Any anecdotes are welcome too.

Your contributions will be added to this website and included in a substantial book in which we will compile all things BC.

If you provide us with a photo, it would be helpful to have the people and the year identified.

You may email your contributions to:

Mary Leonard