Britton Chance: His Life, Times, and Legacy

June 3 -4, 2011

Auditorium, Translational Research Center

3400 Civic Center Blvd.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA

Photos from the Memorial Symposium
List of Speakers and Topics: June 3 / June 4

June 3

Auditorium, Translational Research Center, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Mark Lemmon, University of Pennsylvania
Introductory welcome

Hideaki Koizumi, Hitachi, Ltd and University of Tokyo
"Professor Britton Chance and the early times he lived"

Ron Williams, University of Toronto, Professor Emeritus
"BC 1945 - 1955: connecting the dots"

Marten Wikstrom, University of Helsinki
"The respiratory chain, BC and now"
Video and PowerPoint slides

John Walker, Cambridge University
"Brit and P/O ratios from today's perspective"

Ernesto Carafoli, University of Padova
"The mitochondrial calcium saga: it was Brit who started it"
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Robert Floyd, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
"First with creativity – from masers and lasers to tunneling and P680, superoxide and beyond"
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Les Dutton, University of Pennsylvania
"50 years: how far have we tunneled?"

Alberto Boveris, University of Buenos Aires
"The Johnson Foundation and the establishment of mammalian hydroperoxide metabolism"

Shelagh Ferguson Miller, Michigan State University
"Cytochrome c / cytochrome oxidase evolving roles in metabolic regulation and cell death"
Video and PowerPoint slides

Ronald W. Estabrook, University of Texas, Professor Emeritus
"Discovering the functions of cytochrome P450"
Video and PowerPoint slides

Judith Klinman, University of California, Berkeley
"The beginnings of modern enzymology"
Video and PowerPoint slides

Avraham Mayevsky, Bar Ilan University
"Mitochondrial metabolism by NADH in vivo: from isolated organelles to patient monitoring"
Video and PowerPoint slides

Richard (Bud) Veech, National Institutes of Health
"The phosphorylation potential"
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Mitch Schnall, University of Pennsylvania
"BC's development of 31P NMR: deep tissue imaging – state of art"
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Arjun Yodh, University of Pennsylvania
"Learning about diffuse optics and its physiological applications with Britton Chance"
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Qingming Luo, Huazhong University of Science & Technology
"Optical neuroimaging approaches in the Britton Chance Center for Biomedical Photonics of China"

Shoko Nioka, University of Pennsylvania
"BC's later life work on translational research"
"Human brain functional mapping in the JF minority high school student summer program"
Video and PowerPoint slides

Ron Hu, Massachusetts General Hospital, JF minority high school student summer program alumnus
"My experience in brain cognitive research for summer minority high school students: imagery practice in tying a sailor's knot"
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Zhenyu Zhao, University of Pennsylvania, JF minority high school student summer program alumnus
"Tracking lights and electrons with BC"

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Special speaker:
Gottfried Schatz, Universität Basel
"What Britton Chance taught me"
Text of the speech

June 4

Session 1. NMR and X-ray Spectroscopy

Moderators: Jerry Glickson (University of Pennsylvania); Mary Osbakken (Osbakken Consulting, LLC)

David Benaron, Stanford Biophotonics Group and Stanford University
"Optics in biotechnology: the billion-dollar legacy of Britton Chance"

Video and PowerPoint slides

Linda S. Powers, University of Arizona
"A beacon for creativity and innovation"

Toshiro Inubushi, Shiga University of Medical Science, Japan
"Old and new NMR Instruments at the Penn Medical School NMR facility"


Laszlo Gyulai, University of Pennsylvania
"Early development of in vivo NMR spectroscopy and simultaneous NAD/NADH fluorometry at the Johnson Research Foundation: how Brit's science and humanity changed my life”
Video and PowerPoint slides

Alan Koretsky, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)
"Back to Brit’s rad lab days: parametric amplifiers for MRI detection"

Video and PowerPoint slides

Kazuo Yoshizaki, University of Tokushima, Japan
"Historical perspectives: role of creatine phosphate in energy transport in muscle cells evaluated by 31P-NMR"

Video and PowerPoint slides

Bruce Heppenstall, University of Pennsylvania
"Intracellular energy metabolism during ischemia in skeletal muscle under various clinical conditions with 31P-MR spectroscopy"

Video and PowerPoint slides

Dah-Jyuu Wang, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
"Non-invasive muscle oxygenation monitoring using magnetic resonance and near-infrared spectroscopy”

Video and PowerPoint slides

Mary Osbakken, Osbakken Consulting, LLC
"Brit and me"
Video and PowerPoint slides

Maria Delivoria-Papadopoulos, Drexel University
"NMR spectroscopy in the hypoxic newborn"

Video and PowerPoint slides

Session 2: Optics (I) - NIR spectroscopy/imaging and applications in brain/muscle

Moderators: Takafumi Hamaoka (Ritsumeikan University, Japan); Qingming Luo (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China)

Mamoru Tamura, Hokkaido University, Japan
"It started 40 years ago at JF with BC"
Video and PowerPoint slides

Takafumi Hamaoka, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
"Muscle research work with Britton Chance from in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy to near-infrared spectroscopy"
Video and PowerPoint slides

Hajime Miura, University of Tokushima, Japan
"Application of NIRS to measure muscle metabolism and vessel function"

Video and PowerPoint slides

David Boas, Harvard University
"Diffuse optical tomography: from fish tank to clinic"

Video and PowerPoint slides

Meltem Izzetoglu, Drexel University
"Joint studies with Britton Chance and his team: pediatric applications of optical brain imaging"
Video and PowerPoint slides

Yoko Hoshi, Tokyo Institute of Psychiatry, Japan
"First discovery of NIR response of brain activation and development to present status"
Video and PowerPoint slides

Banu Onaral, Drexel University
"Translational research in near-infrared based functional brain imaging"
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Lunch Discussion

Session 3: Optics (II) - Methodologies

Bruce Tromberg, University of California, Irvine
"Bio-economics: supply and demand according to Chance"

Hanli Liu, University of Texas
"Integration of optical approaches to biomedical applications: my career path after being trained under Brit"

Regine Choe, University of Rochester
"Diffuse optical spectroscopy and tomography: fetal hypoxia and breast cancer ROC curve"

Xingde Li, Johns Hopkins University
"Recent advances on nonlinear optical endomicroscopy technologies"

Yu Chen, University of Maryland
"Molecular imaging from macro to micro"

Kyung A. Kang, University of Louisville
"Growing up under Dr. Chance as mentor and thereafter: near-infrared and nanometal particles for molecular imaging and cancer treatment"

Session 4: Optics (III) - Fluorescence and applications

Moderators: Bruce Tromberg (University of California, Irvine); Kyung Kang (University of Louisville).

Congwu Du, Brookhaven National Laboratory
"Change vs unchange: two-wavelength approach"

Ilmo Hassinen, University of Oulu, Finland
"From fluorescent flavoproteins to a mitochondrial redox indicator in intact tissues – early stories from Johnson Foundation"

Brian M. Salzberg, University of Pennsylvania
"Intrinsic fluorescence changes from nerve terminals:
how Brit helped us to see the light"

Bjørn Quistorff, Københavns Universitet, Denmark
"From isotope effects in alcohol oxidation over ultra fast brain biopsies to phosphate control of oxygen consumption in liver"

Lin Z. Li, University of Pennsylvania
"Imaging mitochondrial redox state from cancer to stem cells: working with Brit from 2005 – 2010"

Gang Zheng, University of Toronto, Canada
"BC likes chlorophyll: from glucose beacons to killer beacons and nanobeacons"


Moderators: Bruce Tromberg, Arjun Yodh, Hanli Liu, Kyung Kang, Lin Li, and Shoko Nioka