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Your Inner Engine





Dr. Vanderkooi no longer has an active laboratory. She is concentrating on education.

She recently published a book "Your Inner Engine.  An Introductory Course on Human Metabolism."  It is available on Kindle.  The entire book is also available as pdf files in the attached files. 

The book follows how different organs of the body cooperate in processing food that we eat and oxygen that we breathe body in order to maintain life. With an emphasis on human metabolism, the book is written for students interested in health care and for people interested in their own health. All the major metabolic pathways are presented in a way that can be understood without a chemistry background.

Your Inner Engine: An Introductory Course on Human Metabolism
by Jane M. Vanderkooi

Download pdf files:

File 1

Title, Forward, and Contents

File 2

Chapter 1. An inner engine keeps us alive
Chapter 2. Nuts and bolts of the machine: Atoms and molecules of life

File 3

Chapter 3. Machinery of a factory: The cell

File 4

Chapter 4. Power pathways that make ATP
Chapter 5. Storage and retrieval from glycogen: Metabolism during short term fasting
Chapter 6. Sugar is made from proteins and small molecules; Toxic N is removed

File 5

Chapter 7. Making and storing fat and retrieving it to supply energy
Chapter 8. Fat and cholesterol transport
Chapter 9. Repair of the engine

File 6 Chapter 10. Delivering oxygen
Chapter 11. Engine trouble: Diabetes and the homeostasis of glucose
Chapter 12. GB's engine



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