Academic Radiology (AR) and Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences (JIOHS) will publish special issues commemorating the 100th Birthday of Britton Chance after the symposium.

AR is primarily interested in clinical/translational relevant research covering the full spectrum of biomedical imaging. JIOHS, as an open access journal founded with Britton Chance as Advisor, welcomes latest developments in all areas of photonics in biology and medicine.

All manuscripts will go through normal manuscript submission and peer-review process. A dedication clause is welcome to be included in the manuscript. You can start your submission here:

Academic Radiology

Journal of Innovative Optical Health Science


Coordinating the special Chance issues of JIOHS and Academic Radiology

Lin Z. Li (Chair), University of Pennsylvania
Brian Pogue (Chair), Dartmouth College
David Busch, University of Pennsylvania and CHOP
Yu Chen, University of Maryland
Kyung Kang, University of Louisville
Linda Powers, University of Arizona
Dar-Bin Shieh, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
He N. Xu, University of Pennsylvania
Huiming Zhang, National Cancer Institute, NIH

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