Circular Dichroism (CD)

In this approach, the absorption of circularly polarized light by biological macromolecules can yield insight into structure and folding in solution. Titration experiments can provide additional kinetic information about folding transitions and structural changes.   

  • The Aviv 202 Circular Dichroism Instrument allows for data collection from quartz cells at specified temperatures. Titration and temperature features allow for the performance of chemical and thermal melt experiments, respectively.

Prices for the Penn Community* (FY '17):

Initial training: $60, 1 day training
Instrument use: $30/day with consultation

Staff assistance: may be discussed if needed


This instrument is located within the Department at 1004 Stellar-Chance Laboratory


Chris Moser



1004 Stellar-Chance Laboratories


Prices for the Penn Community*:

Initial training: $60, 1 day training**

Instrument use: $30/day with consultation


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includes all schools of Penn as well as HUP, CHOP, and Wistar


mandatory for first day of use