Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)

In dynamic light scattering, the diffusion properties of small particles in solution can be assessed, providing insight into monodispersity and size. The technique has broad application to the study of biological macromolecules.

  • The Wyatt Dynapro Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument is a cuvette-based instrument with specialized cuvettes allow for the recording of data from samples as small as 4 µL in volume.

Prices for the Penn Community* (FY '17):

Initial training: $120/sample – mandatory for first three days of use
Instrument use: $30/sample
Staff assistance: may be discussed if needed


This instrument is located within the Department at 1004 Stellar-Chance Laboratory.


Chris Moser



1004 Stellar-Chance Laboratories

Prices for the Penn Community*:

Initial training: $120/sample**

Instrument use: $30/sample


Download a billing form:

.docx or .pdf


includes all schools of Penn as well as HUP, CHOP, and Wistar


mandatory for first three days of use