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BMB 611 - Advanced X-Ray Diffraction Methods

Fall, even-numbered years (1/2 semester course; 1/2 credit)

Course Director: Gregory Van Duyne, Ph.D.
Office: 809B Stellar-Chance Labs

Course Topics

Crystallization strategies & methods
Data collection; sample mounting, sources, & detectors
Data processing; integration, scaling, merging
Workshop; data collection and processing
Crystallographic data; coordinates, reflections, maps, transformations, etc.
Molecular replacement
Heavy atom derivatives; preparation of derivatives, scaling data
Finding sites; Patterson and direct methods
Heavy atom refinement and phasing
Anomalous scattering; multwavelength phasing
Electron density modification; averaging, solvent flattening
Fitting electron density maps
Workshop; electron density maps
Crystallographic refinement
Crystallographic results; analysis, drawings, databases

The emphasis of this course will be on experimental and computational methods, with very little review of basic protein crystallography. There will be occasional assignments to be done outside of class, which will require that you have access to a laptop or desktop computer where you can install a suite of crystallographic software. Grades for this course will be based entirely on the assignments.

Knowledge of basic crystallography at the level of BMB554/CHEM555 will be assumed throughout this course.