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BMB 616 - Medical Problems in Modern Biochemistry

Spring, odd-numbered years

Course Director: Hillary Nelson, Ph.D.

This course on metabolic pathways will focus on diseases and other clinical conditions that have biochemical basis. We will try to understand the mechanisms and manifestations of the biochemical defects, ranging from dysregulation of the pathways to the implications of organ specificity of the defects.  Clinical case topics will include familiar diseases such as diabetes, gout, and hypercholesterolemia, as well as rarer diseases such as: MCAD and CPT deficiencies (i.e. fatty acid oxidation defects); von Gierke’s and McArdles disease (i.e. glycogen storage diseases); and propionic acidemias (i.e. amino acid degradation diseases).

Prerequisites: undergraduate biochemistry; undergraduates require permission of course director

Tentative Syllabus:

  Topic Problem Solving Session
1 Glycolysis Hemolysis
2 Pentose phosphate shunt Anemia
3 Hemoglobin Polycythemia
4 CAC/Ox Phos Excessive Metabolic Rate (Lufts' disease)
5 Glucose homeostasis Unregulated Insulin Secretion (Insulinoma)
6 Glycogen metabolism Muscular Atrophy/Fasting Hypoglycemia
7 Gluconeogenesis Fasting Ketotic Hypoglycemia
8 Fatty acid oxidation Muscle breakdown/Hypoglycemia (two cases)
9 Hyperglycemia Diabetes
10 Nitogen turnover Urea cycle/Amino acid metabolism (two cases)
11 Purine turnover Gout
12 C1 metabolism Folate/B12 deficiency
13 Cholesterol Hypercholesterolemia