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BMB 619 - Protein Folding

Fall, odd-numbered years (1/2 credit, half of semester)


Paul Axelsen, M.D.,
Walter Englander, Ph.D.,

Introduction to the folding of mainly soluble proteins but also membrane proteins. Critical readings in the current literature and important earlier literature. Class discussion of papers from the literature with didactic lectures as required. Exposure to principles and use of equilibrium, kinetics, thermodynamics and the range of biophysical technologies as they occur in the scientific literature.

Number of Lectures: 13

Sample schedule:

1 Introduction to equilibrium and kinetic principles, and methods
2 Methods – literature examples
3 Views of how it works: The "old" and "new" view
4 Structure of folding intermediates – kinetic studies
5 Structure of folding intermediates – equilibrium studies
6 Structure of folding intermediates – theoretical simulations
7 The kinetic determinants – contact order/folding rate
8 Kinetic transition states – phi analysis
9 Kinetic transition states – psi analysis
10 Helping out – chaperones
11 Protein folding in and on membranes – theoretical studies
12 Protein folding in and on membranes – experimental studies
13 Amyloid – to be decided