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BMB 626 - Mass Spectroscopy and Proteomics

Spring, even-numbered years (1/2 semester; 1/2 credit)

Course Director: David Speicher, Ph.D.

Description: This course will provide a detailed introduction to mass spectrometry and proteomics. The role of mass spectrometry in both characterizing proteins for traditional protein structure-function studies and identification of proteins in proteome studies will be addressed in detail. The focus will be on solving practical research problems and investigation of cancer and other human diseases.

Student evaluation: 40% homework and written discussion of research articles, 30% midterm, 30% final exam.

Course requirements: Students will be assigned homework for most lectures that will typically require access to the internet. Some home work assignments will involve problem sets and remaining homework assignments will involve reading research articles and answering discussion questions.

Course materials: No textbook. Reviews and research articles will be taken from the current scientific literature.


Overview of mass spectrometry (MS) and proteomics
Tandem mass spectrometry
De Novo sequencing using MS/MS
Characterization of posttranslational modifications
Application of MS to solving structure-function problems
Midterm exam
Protein profiling using 2-D gels and 2-D DIGE
Proteome compositional analysis using LC-MS/MS
Protein profiling using MudPIT, ICAT, etc. with stable isotope labels
Protein arrays and protein-protein interaction studies
Plasma proteomics
Proteomics of human disease
Final Exam