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Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics Training Program - Fall 2013 Discussions

Date Preceptor* Topic(s) and Speaker(s)**
September 11 Wand Organizational Meeting (Josh Wand)
September 18 Sharp

Outreach: IPraxis (Meagan Hopkins-Doerr)
“What’s hot in computation & theory?” (Kim Sharp)

September 25 Marmorstein

Outreach: UPenn Upward Bound (Ed Marshall)
Past Trainee Research Presentation (Matt Stetz)
Trainee Literature Presentation (CHRISTINE JORGE)

October 2 Goulian

Past Trainee Research Presentation (Nick Bessman)
Trainee Literature Presentation (ROLAND RIVERA-SANTIAGO, RACHEL ROESCH)

October 9 Axelsen

“Federal funding of SB & MB” (Paul Axelsen)
Trainee Research Presentation (LUCIE GUO, ATRISH BAGCHI)

October 16 Ferguson

“IP and the University” (Bob Schenkel, CTT)
Trainee Research Presentation (GOLDA HARRIS)
Trainee Research Presentation (CHRIS BIALAS)

October 23 Janmey

Trainee Research Presentation (CHRISTINE JORGE)
Trainee Literature Presentation (DEBORAH SHRODERI)

October 30 Argon

Scientific Incubation (Kristin Hart, University Science Center)
Trainee Literature Presentation (CHRIS BIALAS)

November 6 Reddy

“What’s hot in quantitative imaging?” (Ravi Reddy)
Trainee Research Presentation (CHRIS BIALAS)

November 13 Van Duyne

“Biophysics at Big Pharma” (Jim Kranz, Glaxo Smith Kline)
Trainee Research Presentation (DEBORAH SHRODER)

November 20 Goldman

“What’s hot in single molecule experiments?”(Yale Goldman)
Trainee Research Presentation (RACHEL ROESCH)

December 4 Christianson

“What’s hot in crystallography?” (David Christianson)
Trainee Literature Presentation (LUCIE GUO)

December 11 Black

Trainee Literature Presentation (ATRISH BAGCHI)
Trainee Literature Presentation (GOLDA HARRIS)

2013-2014 SBMB Trainees shown in ALL CAPS
*Trainer faculty guide the discussion; Professor Wand will also attend
**Research Presentations by current trainees are formal polished seminar-like Powerpoint presentations of ~30 – 40 minutes on dissertation research that will be critiqued and discussed; Literature presentations are ~10-15 minute presentations of a single or maximally 3 related current literature reports of particular interest to SBMB; “what’s hot” lectures are ~20-30 minutes in length presented by training faculty in areas of particular interest to SBMB; Past Trainee Research Presentations are formal polished seminar-like Powerpoint presentations of ~40 minutes on dissertation research by students previously appointed to the SBMB training program but not yet having completed their PhD degree; Meeting Highlights are summaries of meetings that trainees have attended, each trainee is expected to attend at least one major meeting; Other presentations by outside speakers are of variable length