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The University of Penn Campus

In their first year many BMB students establish a base in the Anatomy-Chemistry Building, where a student lounge and lockers are available. The BMB offices are also located in this building, as are classrooms and the Johnson Foundation Library, the location for many graduate group and Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics events.

Anatomy-Chemistry Building
Anatomy-Chemistry Building – the location for BMB offices, classrooms, student room and the Johnson Foundation Library

As students select their laboratory rotations, location will rarely be an issue. The laboratories of the majority of BMB faculty are located on the Penn campus just minutes walk from class and seminar rooms, as well as other shared research resources.

Hamilton Walk
The John Morgan Building on Hamilton Walk

view from the Stellar Chance labs

Stellar Chance Labs BRB II/III
Stellar-Chance Laboratories and Biomedical Research Building II/III are home to many BMB labs.

Clinical Research BuildingOther labs are located in the Clinical Research Building, where you will also find the Austrian Auditorium, the location for BIOM 600 and where many seminars, including the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics Raiziss Rounds seminar series, are held.


the Biopond

An oasis of calm within the bustle of the city: "The Biopond"