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Incoming Class 2012

Ishmail Ahmed
Ismail Ahmed
B.S. (Biochemistry) 2011, City College of New York
Jeffrey Carey Jeffrey Carey
B.S. (Engineering in Chemical Engineering) 2007, U. Michigan, Ann Arbor
B.M.A. (Music Composition) 2007, U .Michigan, Ann Arbor
Valentina Dimitrov Valentina Dimitrov
B.A. (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) 2009, Agnes Scott College
Gozde Eskici Gözde Eskici
B.S. (Molecular Biology and Genetics) 2008, Istanbul Technical University
M.S. (Computational Science and Engineering) 2010, Kroc University
Meilin Fernandez Garcia Meilin Fernandez Garcia
B.S. (Chemistry) 2012, University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras Campus
Lucie Guo Lucie Guo
B.A. (Biochemical Sciences) 2010, Harvard University
Elizabeth Higbee Elizabeth Higbee
B.A. (Music), B.S. (Biochemistry) 2009, Syracuse University
Kelly Karch Kelly Karch
B.S. (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) 2011, Franklin and Marshall College
Robert Magin Robert Magin
B.A. (Biology) 2012, Northwestern University
Evan O'Brien Evan O'Brien
B.S. (Biochemistry and Chemistry) 2012, University of Pittsburgh
Emily Schutsky Emily Schutsky
B.S. (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) 2012, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Sophie Song Shufei (Sophie) Song
B.S. (Biological Sciences) 2010, China Agricultural University
B.S. (Biochemistry) 2012, Purdue University
James Townsend James Townsend
B.A. (Biology) 2012, University of Chicago
Sam Wein Sam Wein
B.A. (Biology and Computer Science) 2011, Earlham College
Michael Woody Michael Woody
B.S. (Physics) 2010, University of North Carolina, Chapel HIll