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Current students

Karen Acosta (matriculated 2016)
B.S., 2016 New Mexico State University, University Park (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Elizabeth Rhoades

Laura Agosto(matriculated 2015)
B.S., 2015 Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras (Cellular and Molecular Biology)
Thesis Lab: Co-mentored by Kristen Lynch and Ben Garica

Ismail Ahmed (matriculated 2012)
B.S., City College of New York, 2011 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Feng Gai

Dirk Auman (matriculated 2014)
B.S., Miami University, Ohio, 2014 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: P. Leslie Dutton

Favioilla Baez-Cruz (matriculated 2017)
B.S., New Mexico State University, 2017 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: N/A

Kiara Berrios (matriculated 2016)
B.S., 2016 Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedra (Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: Rahul Kohli

Sarah Bond (matriculated 2015)
B.S., 2015 University of Rochester (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Kelly Jordan-Sciutto

Thomas Campbell (matriculated 2016)
B.S., 2016 St. Johns University, Jamaica (Physics)
Thesis Lab: Joseph Baur

Jeffrey Carey (VMD/PhD – matriculated Spring 2013)
MSEChE, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2007 (Chemical Engineering)
BMA, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2007 (Music Composition)
Thesis Lab: Mark Goulian

Peter Carmen (matriculated 2017)
B.S., Rutgers University, 2017 (Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: N/A

Abigail Cember (matriculated 2013)
B.S., University of Maryland, College Park, 2013 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Ravinder Reddy

Mariel Coradin (matriculated 2014)
B.S., University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, 2014 (Biology)
Thesis Lab: Ben Garcia

Michael Cory (matriculated 2017)
B.S., University of Kansas, 2017 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: N/A

Caroline Davis (matriculated 2015)
B.S., 2015 Rutgers University (Food Science)
Thesis Lab: Donita Brady

Jamie DeNizio (matriculated 2013)
B.S., Haverford College, 2011 (Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: Rahul Kohli

Dan DeHelian (matriculated 2015)
B.S., 2015 Ursinus College (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Thesis Lab: Dr. Lawrence Brass

Elizabeth (Higbee) Dempsey (matriculated 2012)
B.A., Syracuse University, 2009 (Music)
B.S., Syracuse University, 2009 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Andrew Tsourkas

Olivia Dickens (matriculated 2016)
B.S., 2016 Howard University (Physics)
Thesis Lab: Charlie Johnson

Valentina Dimitrova (matriculated 2012)
B.A., Agnes Scott College, 2009 (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Thesis Lab: Zhe Lu

Charlotte Fare (matriculated 2016)
B.S., 2016 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Biology)
Thesis Lab: James Shorter

Meilin Fernandez Garcia (matriculated 2012)
B.S., University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Campus, 2012 (Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: Kenneth Zaret

Edwin Fluck (matriculated 2017)
B.S., University of the Sciences, Phila., 2017 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: N/A

Rina Fujiwara (matriculated 2015)
B.A., 2014 Kalamazoo College (Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: Kenji Murakami

Craig Gambogi (matriculated 2016)
B.S., 2016 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Ben E. Black

Samuel Getchell (matriculated 2008)
B.S., University of Pittsburgh, 2005 (Chemistry)
M.S., Yale University., 2008 (Music)
Thesis Lab: Lewis Chodosh

Jose Gorbea (matriculated 2017)
B.S., Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, 2017 (Biology and Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: N/A

Alejandro Gozalo (matriculated 2014)
B.S., RIce University, 2014 (Biochemistry and Cell Biology)
Thesis Lab: Maya Capelson

Keerthana Gnanapradeepan (matriculated 2015)
B.S., 2013 Tufts University (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Maureen Murphy

Lucie Guo (MD/PhD, matriculated 2012)
B.A., Harvard University, 2010 (Biochemical Sciences)
Thesis Lab: Ben Black

Krystal Haislop (matriculated 2015)
B.S., 2014 University of Southern Maine (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Kristen Lynch

Martin Iwanicki (matriculated 2014)
B.S., St. Joseph's University, 2014 (Physics)
Thesis Lab: Sergei Vinogradov and Bohdana Discher

Kevin Janssen (matriculated 2014)
B.S., Lafayette College, 2012 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Ben Garcia

Chloe Jones (matriculated 2017)
B.S., Smith College, 2017 (Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: N/A

Earl (Joe) Jordan (matriculated 2011)
B.S., University of Texas at Austin, 2011 (Biochemistry, Computational Mathematics)
Thesis Lab: Ravi Radhakrishnan

Christine Jorge (matriculated 2011)
B.S., State University of New York at Albany, 2011 (Human Biology/Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: A. Joshua Wand

Kelly Karch (matriculated 2012)
B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 2011 (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Thesis Lab: Benjamin Garcia

Simon Kelow (matriculated 2014)
Northern Arizona University, 2013 (Physics and Astronomy)
Thesis Lab: Roland Dunbrack

Nicole Kerstetter (matriculated 2015)
B.S., 2015 Penn State University (Biology)
Thesis Lab: A. Joshua Wand

Hee Jong Kim (Matriculated 2017)
B.S., University of California, Los Angeles, 2017 (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology)
Thesis Lab: N/A

Yekaterina Kori (matriculated 2016)
B.S., 2016 University of Massachusetts Amherst (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)
Thesis Lab: Ben Garcia

Sravya Kotaru (matriculated 2014)
B.Tech., Padmashree Dr. D Y Patil University, 2012 (Biotechnology) Biotechnology, Molecular Biology track, University of Pennsylvania, 2014
Thesis Lab: A. Joshua Wand

Richard Lauman (matriculated 2016)
B.S., 2016 San Francisco State University (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Ben Garcia

Enrique Lin Shiao (matriculated 2013)
B.S., University of Technology, Munich, 2011 (Engineering Physics)
M.S., University of Technology, Munich, 2013 (Biophysics)
Thesis Lab: Shelley Berger

Glennis Logsdon
(matriculated 2011)
B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 2011 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Ben Black

Korrie Mack (matriculated 2013)
B.S., Syracuse University, 2013 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Jim Shorter

Zachery March (matriculated 2014)
B.S., University of Delaware, 2014 (Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: Jim Shorter

Bryan Marques (matriculated 2011)
B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 2011 (Biochemistry)
M.S., University of Pennsylvania, 2011 (Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: A. Joshua Wand

Erin Masucci (matriculated 2015)
B.S., 2015 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Biochemistry/Biophysics; Molecular Biology/Bioinformatics)
Thesis Lab: Co-mentored by Mike Ostap and Erika Holzbaur

Emily Mattes (matriculated 2014)
B.S., Temple University, 2012 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Roland Dunbrack

Daniel McCracken (matriculated 2014)
B.S., Rutgers University, 2014 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Frank Rauscher

Kristen McKibben (matriculated 2014)
B.S., Iowa State University, 2013 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Elizabeth Rhoades

Mariel Grace Reyes Mendoza (matriculated 2016)
B.S., 2016 California State University, Los Angeles (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Shelley L. Berger and Ben Garcia

Leann Miles (matriculated 2015)
B.S., 2014 Syracuse University (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Yuanquan Song

Lentiza Nieves (matriculated 2017)
B.S., Universidad de Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, 2017 (Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: N/A

Evan O'Brien (matriculated 2012)
B.S., University of Pittsburgh, 2012 (Biochemistry and Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: Joshua Wand

Mara Olenick (matriculated 2013)
B.S., Kings College, 2013 (Chemistry/Biology)
Thesis Lab: Erika Holzbaur

Robert Ontiveros (matriculated 2017)
B.S., California State University, Fullerton, 2017 (Biological Science)
Thesis Lab: N/A

Lauren Paolella (matriculated 2014)
B.S., University of New Haven, 2013 (Biology, Forensic Science)
Thesis Lab: Joseph Baur

Nicholas Rego (matriculated 2014)
B.S., University of Pittsburgh, 2012 (Bioinformatics and Economics)
Thesis Lab: Amish Patel

Hannah Richter (matriculated 2015)
B.A., Beloit College, 2015 (Biochemistry and Philosophy)
Thesis Lab: Mitch Lazar

Dominic Santoleri (matriculated 2017)
B.S., University of Delaware, 2017 (Biochemistry and Quantitative Biology)
Thesis Lab: N/A

Jane Schulte (matriculated 2013)
B.S., University of Maryland, College Park, 2011 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Mark Goulian

Emily Schutsky (matriculated 2012)
B.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2012 (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Thesis Lab: Rahul Kohli

Deborah Shroder (matriculated 2010)
B.S., University of Maryland, College Park, 2010 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Yale E. Goldman

Carrie Sims (matriculated 2011)
B.A., Stanford University, 1990 (Human Biology)
M.S., University of California, Berkeley, 1993 (Health and Medical Science)
M.D., University of California, San Francisco, 1995
Thesis Lab: Joseph Baur

Shufei (Sophie) Song (matriculated 2012)
B.S., China Agricultural University, 2010 (Biological Sciences)
B.S., Purdue University, 2012 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Brad Johnson

Michael Soo (matriculated 2009)
B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 2007 (Chemistry and Political Science)
Thesis Lab: James Shorter

Matthew Stetz (matriculated 2009)
B.S., Haverford College, 2008 (Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: A. Joshua Wand

Julian Stoute (matriculated 2017)
B.S., Pennsylvania State University, 2017 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: N/A

Daniel (Miklos) Szantai-Kis (matriculated 2013)
Diploma in Chemistry, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, 2012
Thesis Lab: James Petersson

Katherine Szigety (MD/PhD - matriculated 2014)
B.S.,Yale University, 2012 (Molecular Biophysics)
M.S., Yale University, 2012 (Molecular Biophysics)
Thesis Lab: Sarah E. Millar

Mary Szurgot (matriculated 2017)
B.S., Saint Joseph's University, 2017 (Chemical Biology) \
Thesis Lab: N/A

Matthew Thompson (matriculated 2013)
B.S., Kent State University, 2012 (Biotechnology)
Thesis Lab: Kristen Lynch

Eduardo Torre (MD/PhD, matriculated 2015)
B.S., M.S., 2011 Emory University (Biology)
Thesis Lab: Arjan Raj

James Townsend (matriculated 2012)
B.A., University of Chicago, 2012 (Biology)
Thesis Lab: Alison Sweeney

Kahealani Uehara (matriculated 2017)
B.S., Chaminade University of Honolulu, 2017 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: N/A

Trevor van Eeuwen (matriculated 2015)
B.S., 2015 Fairleigh Dickinson University (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Kenji Murakami

Ashley Viera-Ortiz (matriculated 2016)
B.S., 2016 Universidad de Puerto Rico, Mayagüez (Industrial Biotechnology)
Thesis Lab: Edward B. Lee

Henry Wang (matriculated 2015)
B.A., M.S. 2013 University of Pennsylvania(Biochemistry/Physics)
Thesis Lab: Andrew Tsourkas

Tong Wang (matriculated 2017) (MD/PhD Student)
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2015 (Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: Rahul Kohli

Robert Warneford-Thomson (matriculated 2014)
B.S., Washington and Lee University, 2012 (Biology)
Thesis Lab: Roberto Bonasio

Sarah Welsh (matriculated 2013)
B.S., Westminster College, 2013 (Biochemistry)
Thesis Lab: Alessandro Gardini

Samuel Wein (matriculated 2012)
B.A., Earlham College, 2011 (Biology and Computer Science
Thesis Lab: Ben Garcia

Sanjula Wickramasinghe (matriculated 2015)
B.S., 2015 (Biological Sciences/Chemistry) Cornell University
Thesis Lab: Elizabeth Rhoades

Michael Woody (matriculated 2012)
B.S., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2010 (Physics)
Thesis Lab: Co mentored by Yale E. Goldman and Michael Ostap

Isabel Yannatos (matriculated 2017)
B.S., Tuft's University, 2017 (Physics)
Thesis Lab: N/A

Delaine Zayas-Bazan Burgos (matriculated 2016)
B.S., 2016 Universidad de Puerto Rico, Cayey (Biology)
Thesis Lab: David Speicher

Daniel Zhang (matriculated 2017) (MD/PhD Student)
B.S., Massachusettes Institute of Technology 2015 (Biology and Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: Hongjun Song

Austin Zimmet (matriculated 2015)
B.S., 2014 Franklin and Marshall College (Chemistry)
Thesis Lab: Roberto Dominguez