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The central goal of the BMB graduate group is to train students to pursue innovative, fundamental research towards understanding biological phenomena at the quantitative, mechanistic, or molecular level – drawing on modern biochemical, biophysical, chemical, and physical methods.

The program provides students with an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to graduate education, training students in the scientific concepts and methods necessary to conduct basic biomedical research, and to apply this fundamental knowledge to problems in medicine. We offer a flexible curriculum to round out the student’s knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biophysics, while building on the strengths of the student and equipping the student for dissertation research. Our goal is to prepare students for careers as independent investigators and educators in the area of modern biochemistry and molecular biophysics.

The first year of training combines formal lectures courses, seminars, and discussion-based classes with semester-long lab rotations. During the second year, students select their dissertation labs from one of the BMB faculty members. In this year, time is split between completing elective coursework and preparing for the Candidacy Examination, for which the student prepares an NIH style research proposal.

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Throughout the students graduate career, classroom and laboratory based training is complemented and enhanced by many activities on and off campus, including seminars, journal clubs, outreach and retreats.