The BUP has many research initiatives focused on health issues surrounding infectious diseases and other areas in Botswana. Topics include HIV and co-infections, genomics, physiology, immunology, oncology, virology, transmission, and treatment adherence. Much of this work is made possible through the Penn Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) International Core which was established to expand Penn's involvement in International Medicine and to promote innovative international research, critical to better understanding the global nature of the HIV epidemic. To achieve these goals, the Core provides leadership in developing HIV/AIDS research in Botswana, and has adopted the following Specific Aims:

1. To expand infrastructure and support in order to establish and maintain strong clinical, behavioral, and translational research programs in Botswana involving Penn and Botswana investigators.

We achieve these goals by:

  • providing on-site scientific oversight of research projects in Botswana;
  • advising Penn and Botswana scientists on the feasibility of their proposed research studies based on our knowledge of the patient population and the infrastructure available to perform the studies;
  • identifying local collaborators for Penn investigators, and Penn collaborators for local investigators to pursue research projects, and
  • assisting Penn and Batswana investigators in obtaining IRB consent in Botswana through the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Princess Marina Hospital IRB committees, and assisting with online training for study personnel to obtain certificates of human subjects research protection.

2. To train investigators from Penn and Botswana who are interested in international research.

We view capacity building in country as a central long-term mission of the Core. With the opening of a new medical school at the University of Botswana in August 2008 (the first in the country), enormous opportunities exist for mentoring and training our counterparts in Botswana. The Penn leadership of the International Core has outstanding relationships with the leadership at the University of Botswana, establishing an excellent environment for collaborative research. The excitement of international investigation is attracting many Penn trainees to Botswana for research experience. An important goal is to facilitate mentorship of trainees to develop the skills necessary to become future leaders in global health research.

Our research contributes to the general knowledge of best practices in health care provision in Botswana, and our research clinicians are involved in helping to develop the Botswana Ministry of Health's National Guidelines regarding HIV, TB, and Cervcial cancer care, and related illnesses.

Learn more about what services are available to researchers through the CFAR International Core.

If you have questions about BUP research please contact our Research Director, Dr. Tonya Arscott-Mills.

BUP Research Publications

BUP researchers have published a number of peer-reviewed articles based on health care research in Botswana in scholarly journals from JAMA to The Lancet. Click below to see a list of all BUP publications to date.

Current list of BUP Publications (as of March 2015)

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