Housing Information and Fees

BUP Main Office Location Address (@ UB)

Note: Use this address for FedEx/Courier Service.

Block 244G
Plot 4775 Notwane Road
Gaborone, Botswana

Phone: (267) 317 0933
Fax: (267) 317 0957

BUP Mailing Address

Botswana-UPenn Partnership
P.O. Box AC157, ACH

BUP Research Office Location Address

214 Independence Ave

Main BUP Housing (Pilane)

Pilane Court
Plot 154/5, Ext 3
Gaborone, Botswana

ICC Housing (3B)

Flat 3b
Plot 2559/60, Ext 9
Gaborone, Botswana

Director’s Housing (Topalogo)

Plot 13065
Tapalogo Estates
Gaborone, Botswana

Booking Housing

  • Anyone wishing to reserve a room must first check availability with Boipelo Dibotelo - dibotelob@botswana-upenn.co.bw at least 4 weeks prior to booking travel.  Occasional guests of guests may also stay in BUP housing if space is available and for an additional fee.
  • No children under the age of 14 are permitted to stay in BUP housing.
  • All BUP housing is available only on a space-available basis and not guaranteed. BUP housing is subsidized by the University of Pennsylvania and provided to support the mission of the BUP. All rooms and bathrooms are shared. Guests stay in BUP housing at the discretion of the BUP. Visitors are welcome to stay in area hotels or alternate accommodations if they prefer.
  • Guests who have arranged housing though our country coordinator (Boipelo Dibotelo) and provided her with flight arrival information, will be picked up from the airport upon arrival. You do not need to pay the driver who is a BUP employee. Note that the BUP drivers are not a taxi service. Should you need a driver for your work or to attend meetings please organize this with BUP staff.  A number of taxi drivers can be hired locally and numbers for these services are available in country.
  • If a department at Penn is paying for the BUP housing, we will need the 26-digit account number of the responsible department prior to your leaving the US. An invoice will be issued in country and the funds will be transferred electronically through a Penn/BEN journal entry.
  • If guests are paying using their own funds, an invoice will be provided upon arrival in Gaborone and this should be settled with staff in Botswana. This can be paid via a credit card.

Housing Fees (effective July 1, 2013)

Visitor Type Charge Paid By
Global Health Rotations:    

Dental Student

P200 / $25 per night Paid in country upon invoice

Dermatology Student / Resident

P200 / $25 per night Paid in country upon invoice

DOM Resident

$1000 for 6-7 weeks Internal transfer at Penn

Medical Student

$1000 for 6-7 weeks Internal transfer at Penn (Nancy Biller, SOM Global Health)

Nursing Student

$25 per night Internal transfer at Penn upon invoice (Geri Grosso, SON Global Health)

OB/GYN Resident

$25 per night Internal transfer at Penn (Gift Account 2 per year)

Other Penn Resident or Subspecialty Fellow

$25 per night Internal transfer at Penn OR Paid in country upon invoice

Penn Researcher

$25 per night Internal transfer at Penn OR Paid in country upon invoice

Penn Faculty or Staff

$25 per night Internal transfer at Penn OR Paid in country upon invoice
Non Penn:    

Guest-of-guest (spouses & family)

P240 or $30 per night Paid in country upon invoice

Non-Penn Guest

P280 or $35 per night Paid in country upon invoice

BUP Housing Info

  • The BUP rents two properties in Gaborone for use by visitors. These include a 3-unit complex at Pilane Court on Pilane Street across from the Thornhill School. The complex is fenced and includes a swimming pool, and onsite housing for facilities staff (housekeepers and gardener). One of the Pilane Court units (Unit 1) is used for visiting students, another (Unit 2) primarily for residents, and Unit 3 is usually reserved for faculty.
  • The BUP also rents a 3-bedroom flat in the ICC apartment complex (Flat 3b) on Tshetlo Close behind the Northside School. This complex has a number of units on the site and includes a communal pool and Braai area and is secured with 24/7 security guards and an electric fence. It is a slightly longer walk to the hospital but it still within walking distance and is close to grocery shops, restaurants and gyms.
  • All of the properties have internet access and computers which are available for guest use. Wireless is accessible at both properties along with fixed ADSL lines, however note that internet connections in Botswana are markedly slower and power outages sometimes occur.
  • There is a library in the lounge area of Pilane Court which includes Botswana and Southern Africa travel books, fiction and non-fiction pleasure reading, and a small medical library.
  • Each Unit / Flat has a dedicated housekeeper who provides cleaning and laundry services. Guests are required to adhere to household rules and should read the “Penn Pointers” in each flat. Each guest is expected to leave a “bonsela” tip for the housekeepers at the time of departure which is a local custom.  We suggest P100 per month, prorated (e.g. P150 for a 6-week clinical rotation). Please ask the housekeepers if they need any supplies for the flats (e.g., light bulbs, TP, laundry detergent, etc.) These household supplies are provided by guests as needed.
  • There is no postal delivery service in Botswana.  Use the BUP mailing address above for postal mail.

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