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Pre-Departure Checklists                                                                            Make sure you read over the Required and the Highly Reccommended checklists below well before you depart!

REQUIRED CHECKLIST: Must be done before travel                                                
1. Pre-Departure Form   ALL   All travelers must fill out a Pre-Departure Form. You should have received an email with a link to your form. You can use that link to edit your form at any time. Once you have booked your flights, you must return to your form and enter your itinerary info (this garauntees housing and airport pick up). Can't find your form?
2. Passport   ALL   Check that your passport will not expire at least 6 months after your trip and that you have at least 4 blank pages to get through South Africa into Botswana.
3. Visa   US citizen   Do not need Visa for Botswana or South Africa.
    Non-US citizen   Click here to see if you need a Visa for Botswana and click here to see if you need a Transit Visa for Johannesburg Airport.
4. Before booking Flights   ALL   Make sure you are not arriving in or departing from Botswana on one of Botswana's National Holidays.
    ALL Faculty  

Check Faculty housing availability with Boipelo Dibotelo (

    ALL Physicians and Medical Residents intending to see patients   Refer to checklist item "BHPC Registration" below for arrival day guidance.
5. Book Flights and get reimbursed   ALL   Check #4 above before booking flights.
    Penn Student, Faculty, or Staff  

Use Concur to book your flight. Enter your flight itinerary into your Pre-Departure Form.

For travel reimbursement, use Concur. List Cordelia Biddle as your Approver, and Cyra Copeland as your Business Administrator (BA).

    UPHS Resident or non-Penn affiliate  

Purchase tickets on your own. Enter your flight itinerary into your Pre-Departure Form.

For travel reimbursement, fill out a T&E Form and a W-2. Email the T&E form, the W-2, and a receipt of your flight purchase, AND include your full name, travel dates, travel destination, reason for travel and amount requested for reimbursement in the body of the email* to Cordelia Biddle (

6. Reserve Housing   ALL   Copy and paste your flight itinerary info at the bottom of your Pre-Departure From and hit "Submit". Once you do this, your housing (and airport pick up) will be automatically secured for you.
7. Immunizations: Hep A, Hep B and Typhoid. Test for TB.   ALL   Students should make an appointment with Penn Student Health. All others make an appointment with your physician or with Penn Travel Medicine.
8. N95 masks   Anyone working in a clinical setting   Get fit tested (if you haven't within the past year) through Environmental Health and Safety or Student Health.
9. BHPC Registration   Residents and Physicians working in a clinical setting   Must register before working in a clinical setting. You should plan your arrival day based on your registration (arrive before a Monday). Click here for instructions.
    Anyone else, including medical students   You do not need to register.
10. Emergency Contact / Risk & Release form   ALL   Fill out the form here, print and sign. Fax (215-349-5111) or scan and email to Cordelia Biddle (
11. Immigration Info   ALL   Print these immigration form instructions and carry them with you on the plane to Botswana. You will need them in customs once you de-board. It lists our in-country contact info.

ALL (Except Penn Med students and Dept. of Med Residents): You must pay for housing. Check here for your housing rate.

Penn Med students and Dept. of Med Residents You do not pay for housing.



HIGHLY RECOMMENDED CHECKLIST: Should be done before travel


Penn Emergency Travel Assistance Card

1. Travel Insurance   Penn affiliate   You are covered by Penn's policy, International SOS.
    Non-Penn affiliate   If your home institution does not have International SOS you must purchase coverage.