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About the Botswana-UPenn Partnership

Packing Lists

Below are the packing essentials for your carry-on and checked bags.

For an extremely thorough packing list, click here.

                        CARRY ON LIST (Documentation and valuables)




Visa (if required)

Copies of all three of the above / scan a copy and email to yourself

Copies of prescriptions

Medical insurance Info/card

Cash (US dollars)

Credit/ATM card

Extra Documents for Residents and Physicians doing clinical work:

Completed Botswana Health Professions Council application

4 x Passport photos

Notarized copy of passport

Notarized copy of medical school diploma (If your diploma is in Latin, it needs to be translated to English first, then notarized)

Notarized copy of your state liscenss

Copy of your CV / resume

Electronics (Note: There is a computer lab with internet and a printer at the housing site)

Laptop, cell phone, ipods, cameras and power cords or other valuable devices and items

Plug converter (convert US plugs to fit Botswana plugs)

Necessarry Personal items/Toiletries



Enough of any prescription medication to cover your whole stay (include contact lenses, cleaner, etc)

OTC medicines (cold/flu, anti-histamine/allergy, indigestion/diarrhea, headache, vitamins, etc..)

One set of clothes (optional)

Sunglasses (optioanl)


                                CHECKED BAG LIST (Lesser value items)

Clothes (YOU DO NOT NEED A LOT OF CLOTHES! The very nice housekeepers at Pilane do laundry for visitors everyday. You could literally get by on two pairs of underwear. It's great.)

Light colors and light breathable fabrics, bathing suit for summer months (Nov. - March).

Jackets, raincoats, sweaters, scarf, hat, gloves, for the rainy, chilly evenings in the winter months (May - Sept).

Hiking/excercise attire, casual wear and "going out" clothes for the weekends.

If you will have business meetings, dress accordingly. In Botswana, work and business attire leans on the formal side.

Bath Towel
Toiletries (all optional, you can buy this stuff while you're there as well)

Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, face/bodywash, sunscreen, lotion

Nalgene/reusable waterbottle

*Note: You probably want to save space in your luggage for souvenirs!


                                             WHAT NOT TO PACK

Bedding/Linens (provided at Pilane Court)

Kitchenware, silverware, cups, bowls, etc. (provided at Pilane Court)

Mosquito net (Gaborone is in a desert climate with few mosquitoes)

Toilet paper

Sleeping bag / tent