Fund-raising Committee


The fund-raising committee organizes the annual Penn BPC Vendor Fair and Technology Seminar. This event brings vendors closer to Penn researchers and fosters an opportunity to build connections between vendors and post-docs. This annual event will also provide the postdoctoral council with additional resources to sponsor more career development activities for Penn and CHOP post-docs.

Ongoing activities

The Vendor Show is now a biannual event thanks to the support of our generous sponsors and the contributions and attendance of our stalwart postdoctoral community. In the future we hope to maintain the biannual status of the show and develop it to best suit the needs of the vendors and postdocs that it serves. The next event will take place February 24th 2015.


Terry Cathopoulis, Ph.D.

Zev Einhorn, Ph.D.

Whelton Miller, Ph.D.

Lucas Smith, Ph.D.