BPC-DC Diverse Scientists Development Program

The Biomedical Postdoctoral Council Diversity Committee is pleased to announce the initiation of our first mentoring program! The program’s purpose reflects the goals of the Diversity Committee such that we aim to support and promote the retention and advancement of underrepresented scholars in the biomedical community here at the University of Pennsylvania. This program is designed to address this goal by fostering effective mentoring relationships between graduate students and postdocs, and between postdocs and faculty from underrepresented backgrounds.  Importantly, we seek to utilize related experiences and resources that would greatly benefit both mentor and mentee. Please contact Caleph Wilson, PhD (CALEPH-at-upenn.edu) or Folami Ideraabdullah, PhD (folami-at-mail.med.upenn.edu) for more information. Also, see our website for a list of mentors.


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BPDC diverse scientists development program

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