Recycling in your lab

Recycling by scientific companies

Following companies are volunteering to recycle non- biohazardous waste of the products that are purchased from them. To set up the recycling in your lab for these products and for further information, you can contact their representatives.


Products Recycled


Empty pipette tip boxes and plastic cartridges
Theresa M. Ruch
Denville Scientific Products
Phone: 1-800-377-7900
Fax:  215-953-9418
Usa Scientific
Empty pipette tip boxes and plastic cartridges
Chris Muta
Usa Scientific
Phone: 1-800-872-3847 ext. 506
BD Biosciences
Plastic packaging and styrofoam racks

BD Biosciences
Phone: 484-437 1795


Orange tip box racks, white styrofoam tube racks, plastic bags used for packaging

Reza Eghbal
1-800-492-1119 ext 8017

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