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The BPC Newsletter covers both Penn BPC events and broader issues relevant to post-docs in the biosciences. Our writers come from a variety of fields, and write on topics including scientific research, science policy, career issues, and lifestyle. We provide a flexible platform for biomed post-docs to get involved in scientific writing. Whether you have experience in science writing, or would like to develop new skills in this area, the BPC Newsletter provides opportunities to build and refine your abilities in science writing.


Ongoing activities

The BPC Newsletter is published quarterly.


Get Involved!

We are always looking for new writers.  If you would like to write for the BPC Newsletter, please contact the Editor in Chief, bpc.newsletters-at-gmail.com.

If you have a story or event relevant to biomedical postdocs that you would like covered, please contact bpc.newsletters-at-gmail.com


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2014 - 2015 BPC Newsletter Editorial Board

Liisa Hantsoo, Editor in Chief
Gautami Das
Amy Ghiretti
Rosie Mott
Angelica Oritz
Simone Temporal