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Mission of the environmental committee is to create awareness and a strong sense of environmental responsibility among the biomedical postdoctoral community. The committee aims to acknowledge existing environmental problems, create awareness, implement simple, eco-friendly solutions, and promote environmental health and safety. We believe that your every small green action makes a huge difference! Biomedical Postdoctoral Council invites you to be a part of “Green Culture”.


  1. Increase environmental awareness
  2. Provide green guidelines for everyday life
  3. Promote recycling  at workplace
  4. Promote environmental health
  5. Community eco drives and outdoor eco-activities

Current activities

Survey: How green are research labs at Penn?

We prepared a survey to collect your feedback and opinion on Penn's green practices. We aim to set up the major axis of our future action plan based on the survey results. Please fill out our survey.

Chemical policy reform: 

Aims at replacing toxic chemicals in labs with lesser toxic, environmental friendly alternatives. This includes extensive research on toxic chemicals and their alternatives, price comparisons, interaction with EHRS and increase awareness among postdoctoral community.

Recycling lab waste: 

Aims at recycling non-biohazardous, non toxic lab waste.  This will include contacting vendors to recycle waste of the products purchased from them, and also increasing awareness among researchers to participate in recycling.

Past activities

Set up recycling for empty pipette tip boxes and packaging materials.


News and Events

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Green Guidelines

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EHRS policies on lab waste disposal

Recycle pens, markers and highlighters

Start recycling in your lab

Toxic substances portal

Alternatives to toxic lab chemicals

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