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Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program

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About our Research

On-Going Research (pre-publication work)


  • A study of how insomnia severity covaries with CNS (beta EEG), somatic (corrugator EMG and/or heart rate variability during NREM sleep), and cognitive (attention bias) arousal.
  • A partial reinforcement study that is assessing whether placebos can serve as conditioned stimuli for hypnotic effects, given a priming phase and a schedule of partial reinforcement.
  • Insomnia and fatigue often occur in individuals who are cancer survivors. In this study we are testing cognitive behavioral and medication treatments for these common problems.


  • A stress reactivity study examining how individuals with insomnia respond to a stressor compared to good sleepers.

Pilot Studies


  • An exploratory study assessing whether insomnia negatively influences reproductive capacity. 
  • A pilot study on auditory sensory acuity in patients with insomnia
  • A pilot study re: the attenuation of the normal mesograde amnesia of sleep in insomnia


  • GWAS studies looking to identify genotypes for various insomnia related phenotypes
  • A rollout study for group CBT-I in veterans using tele-health technologies
  • An exploratory study assessing for PTSD related biomarkers


  • An exploratory study assessing whether survey of lab based measures can discriminate between true short sleep and insufficient sleep syndrome


  • A clinical case-series study exploration of CBT-I outcomes and the effects of treatment on non-sleep measures ??


  • A pilot study of CBT-I in patients recovering from Alcoholism


  • A study assessing the effects of CPAP (vs. sham CPAP) on insomnia in the context of SDB.