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“It is obvious that with the Bridging the Gaps Program our community and the academic education of LECOM students are brought together in a very unique and rewarding way … The Northwest Pennsylvania Area Health Education Center (NW PA AHEC) is pleased to support the Bridging the Gaps Program. We hope that each year will be a continued success for the Erie community as well as all the other Pennsylvania communities honored to have this type of relationship with medical schools and their students.”
Jane A. Mullinax, MEd Director of Career Development,
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BTG CHIP 2009-10 Report

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) Program Activities

Program Established: 1996

Program Period: June 8 to July 24, 2009

Students/Projects/Sites: 16 students worked on 13 projects at 15 community sites in Erie, Pennsylvania.  

Professional Discipline: Medicine.

Service Days: Students provided 432 days of health-related service.

Locations Served: Community organization offices, client homes, geriatric facilities, in the field/community, treatment centers.

Student Activities:* Health-related client education, oral health activities, health activity planning, community social activities, health issues research, community outreach, assessing community resources.

Population Demographics: Mixture of men and women; all ages (project dependent); mixture of races/ethnicities; English-speaking.

Community Health Issues:* Exercise, diet and nutrition, oral health, mental health, personal hygiene, access to health care, cardiovascular health, diabetes, obesity, women’s health.

Didactic Sessions: BTG students in Erie attended didactic sessions on Wednesday mornings. Faculty included personnel from LECOM, along with individuals from relevant health and social service agencies with specific expertise in health-related issues. The sessions included Hospice Care; Serving the Elderly; Serving the Incarcerated Population; and Serving the Mentally Challenged.

Community Event: LECOM hosted its annual Meet and Greet on April 21, 2009. The event offers community preceptors an opportunity to set up displays about their agencies so that students accepted into the BTG program can learn more about the program’s community partners. In addition to students and community preceptors, representatives from LECOM’s faculty and administration also attended.

Oral Health Activities: A local dentist and a dental assistant gave a presentation on the relationship of oral health to overall health and offered suggestions about how to incorporate oral health activities into the students’ projects. They also provided support throughout the program for the students’ oral health activities. All of the LECOM projects incorporated oral health activities. According to student estimates, 91 children (aged 13 and under), 62 youth/young adults (aged 14 to 20) and 112 adults received oral health education.

Poster Presentation: LECOM held its Annual Poster Presentation on August 27, 2009, at the college. Representatives from the participating community sites, faculty, students and other invited guests attended. In addition to the poster session, each student gave attendees a short oral summary of his or her project.

*The information provided here reflects only those categories reported by 40% or more of students participating at this BTG program location.

2009-10 LECOM Program Participants

Program Staff
Raeann Carrier, PhD
Kerry Branton, BA
Ann Stephanie Stano, PhD, SSJ

Academic Preceptors
Mathew Bateman, PhD
Michael Bradbury, PhD
Raeann Carrier, PhD
Thomas Corso, PhD
Margaret James
Chris Keller, PhD
Steven Levy, MD
Theodore A. Makoske, MD
Richard McCabe, PhD
Kim Moscatello, PhD
Robert Noiva, PhD
Ann Stephanie Stano, PhD, SSJ

Community Preceptors
Cyreta Barnes
Lorri Bland
Allen L. Bonace, MSN, MBA, RN
Maureen Dunn, MS
Diane Giannelli
Marty Kelly
Cherie Kinem, MSW
Amanda Lis
June Pintea
Sue Presta
Sr. Stephanie Schmidt, OSB
Christine Tombaugh
Kim Whelan, MS
Sr. Mary Ann White
Amy Will, RN, CDDN

2009-10 LECOM Community Partners

For a complete alphabetical list of all 2009 BTG CHIP community partners and to view community project summaries by site, click here.

  • Bethany Outreach Center
  • Dr. Gertrude A. Barber National Institute
  • Erie DAWN, Inc.
  • expERIEnce Children's Museum
  • Gannondale
  • House of Healing
  • Housing and Neighborhood Development Services
  • Mercy Center for Women
  • Millcreek Community Hospital
  • SafeNet Domestic Violence Safety Network, the Transitional Living Center
  • Saint Mary's at Asbury Ridge
  • School District of the City of Erie, Student Parenting Program
  • YMCA of Greater Erie, Kids Clubs

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