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BTG CHIP 2009-10 Report

Philadelphia Program Activities

Program Established: 1991

Program Period: June 22 to August 7, 2009

Students/Projects/Sites: 192 participating students worked on 75 projects at 77 sites in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Two students did not complete the program.

Professional Disciplines: Medicine, dental medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, pharmacy, public health, social work, creative arts in therapy, law, recreational therapy.

Service Days: Students provided 5,170 days of health-related service.

Participating Institutions: Bryn Mawr College, Drexel University, LaSalle University, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Temple University, Thomas Jefferson University, University of Pennsylvania and University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. During 2009, the Lehigh Valley Health Network completed a feasibility year with four DeSales University students (nursing and physician assistant) providing service in Allentown, Pennsylvania. DeSales students joined the Philadelphia program for the Wednesday curricular sessions. Eight students from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey also joined the Philadelphia Wednesday morning curricular sessions, while providing their service in Camden, New Jersey.

Locations Served: Community organization offices, day camps, in the field/community, community health centers/clinics, recreation centers, treatment centers (day or residential), schools, shelters (homeless or other), client homes, geriatric facilities (activity-based or residential), hospital clinics, hospice.

Student Activities:* Health-related client education, health activities planning, community social activities, oral health activities, health issues research, community resource assessment, community outreach, literacy activities, advocacy activities, client interviews, evaluation of existing programs, linking clients with health resources.

Population Demographics: Mixture of men and women; all ages (project dependent); predominantly black/African-American; English-speaking.

Community Health Issues:* Diet and nutrition, cardiovascular health, exercise, oral health, communication (language/literacy), access to health care, personal hygiene, obesity, mental health, poverty, race/ethnicity, child care, cultural beliefs/practices, diabetes.

Community Preceptor Orientation: Community preceptors serve as the on-site contacts/supervisors of the students. Their orientation took place on June 5, 2009, at the Salvation Army Red Shield Residence. In addition to familiarizing community preceptors with the program (or updating those experienced in the program), the orientation is designed to help community organizations more effectively utilize the added human resources students bring to their site. The orientation session can also serve as a way for our community partners to forge new linkages that might improve service. During the 2009 orientation, BTG organized the morning so that community organizations working with similar populations, and those in proximity to each other, could spend some part of the morning together. 

Didactic Sessions: Students from across the city received a full-day orientation on June 24, 2009, and spent each subsequent Wednesday in didactic sessions. Orientation and core curriculum sessions included the following: Program Overview; Mural Arts; None of Us Are Home Until All of Us Are Home – the Mentally Ill Homeless in Philadelphia; Precious Places – Philadelphia Neighborhoods; Welcome from the PA Department of Health; Evaluations and Cardiovascular Health Activities; Oral Health Resources; Community Integration of Individuals With Psychiatric Disabilities; Safety; Healthy People in a Healthy Philadelphia; Building Resilience; Professionalism and Introduction to Small Group; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Asset Mapping; Using Epidemiology to Learn About Your Community; Health Literacy; Incarceration; Insurance; Advocacy and Community Building; Exploring the Vehicles for Health Policy Advocacy: A Case Study in Advocacy Around Pennsylvania’s Assisted-Living Regulations; and BTG CHIP Small Groups Presentation of Workshop Summary.

In addition, on July 1, 2009, students attended one of five skill-building workshops designed to help students acquire skills directly relevant to their projects: Child Development and Behavior Management; Strengths, Needs and Challenges of Low-Income Women and Children; Homeless/Mental Health/Addiction; Working With Elders; and Culture/Language Issues and Skills.

Community Resource Session: The BTG orientation lunch gave students an opportunity to learn about existing organizational resources in the city.  Representatives were present from a variety of groups, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Attic Youth Center, Bilingual Domestic Violence Program, College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Community Legal Services, Frankie’s World, National Kidney Foundation, My Right Self, PA Department of Health (PADOH), Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging, and Women Against Abuse.   

Oral Health Activities: Because of the central role of oral health in overall well-being (Report of the Surgeon General on Oral Health, 2000), BTG students are encouraged to incorporate oral health activities into their projects, when appropriate. A dental mentor and registered dental hygienist from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine offered information and expertise on oral health educational activities to all BTG CHIP students. In addition, the Pennsylvania Department of Health supported purchases of oral health supplies. Students reported that 64 of the 75 projects (83.5%) incorporated oral health activities. Students estimated that they provided health education to 1,345 children (aged 13 and under), 322 youth (aged 14 to 20) and 1,248 adults. 

Cardiovascular Health Activities: The 162 BTG students who performed cardiovascular-health-related activities worked on 66 of the Philadelphia community-based projects.  As a result, 88% of the projects involved some type of cardiovascular-health-related education.

Heart Smart DinnerHeart Smart Dinner: The 2009 Heart Smart dinner took place at Thomas Jefferson University on July 15, 2009, and was attended by students, faculty, community preceptors and some clients from participating community organizations. The dinner is designed as a way to raise awareness and understanding of cardiovascular health, while celebrating community involvement in BTG. In the weeks leading up to the dinner, BTG students are encouraged to work with their community partners to develop a colorful poster illustrating a heart smart theme. On the night of the dinner, all the posters created by the community organizations are displayed and attendees vote on their favorite. This year, the enthusiasm for the heart-healthy theme so overflowed that it generated three winners: The Attic Youth Center, Lutheran Settlement House/Senior Program, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Primary Care Center at Cobbs Creek. Each organization was offered a prize of $100 for their winning poster.

Annual Symposium: The BTG Annual Symposium took place on September 11, 2009, at Drexel University’s Behrakis Grand Hall. See details.

*The information provided here reflects only those categories reported by 40% or more of students participating at this BTG program location.

2009-10 Philadelphia Program Participants

Philadelphia Small Group Leaders

Academic Leaders
Dianne Butera, MSW
Mary Frances Cummings, MPH, RDH
Joan I. Gluch, PhD, RDH
Elissa Goldberg, MSS, LSW
Maria Hervada-Page, MSS
Jack B. Lewis, MSW, LCSW
Mary Ellen Miller, PhD, RN
Ruth Schemm, EdD, OTR/L
Bernadette West, PhD
Rashida West, JD

Community Preceptors
Joe Bradley, MA
Kate Colameco, BSW
Cydney Irving Dasent, MBA, MSW
Glenna Deekle, MSW
Janet S. Riley Ford, MSW, LSW
Diane Gass
Guina Hammond, MEd
Marian Lasky, BS
Anthony Singleton, BSW
Darnell Thomas

Drexel University

Program Staff
Elissa Goldberg, MSS, LSW 
Steven Rosenzweig, MD
Barbara Saba, MA
Vincent J. Zarro, MD, PhD

Academic Preceptors
Robert Chapman, PhD
Nina Cheung, MD
Mario Cruz, MD
Diane Gottlieb, MD
Neal Handly, MD
Elizabeth Hartzell, PhD, ATR-BC, LPC
Flossie Ierardi, MM, MT-BC, LPC
Penny Killian, CNHP
Amy Montemarano, JD
Steven Rosenzweig, MD
Ellen Schelly-Hill, MMT, ADTR, LPC
Dan Taylor, DO
Rashida West, JD
Vincent Zarro, MD, PhD

Community Preceptors
Roberta Balsam, MSW
Mariana Chilton, PhD, MPH
Beth Cwiklinski, MSW
Glenna Deekle, MSW
Sara Enes, MSW
Mary Fallon, MEd
Tatiana Garcia-Granados
Natasha Goldstein, MA, DTR
Catalina Gonzalez
Aileen Haggerty
Guina Hammond, MEd
Alexis Harris
Bronal Harris
Cynthia Henderson
Ben Hirsh
Suku John, PhD
Regina Linehan, RN, MS, CDE
Charlene Melhorn
Chinemelu Oguekwe, MSW
Tara Swartzendruber-Landis
Randy Taylor
Lynn Trimborn, RN
Patricia VanWert, MPH
Arte Verbrugghe

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Program Staff
Eugene Mochan, PhD, DO

Academic Preceptors
Shelley Johnson, RN, MSN
Eugene Mochan, PhD, DO
Ruth L. Schemm, EdD, OTR/L, FAOTA

Community Preceptors
Ronda Blackson, RN
Pilar Fernandez-Blakey
Carlane Gregory
Siretta Humphery
Tina Jenkins, MHS
Nancy Kincaid, RN, MA
Rebecca Kochman, MSW, LSW
Phyllis D. Lawhorn
Melanie Palmer
Stacey Skiffer
Patricia Thompson
Suzanne Walker
Brian Weaver
Michelle Woltz, CRNP

Temple University

Program Staff
Trisha Acri, MD
Dianne Butera, MSW
Ina Caligaro, PharmD
Amy Heath, PT, DPT, OCS
Moya Kinnealey, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, BCP
Kathleen Reeves, MD
Nancy Rothman, EdD, RN
Karen Moore Schaefer, PhD, RN

Academic Preceptors
Trisha Acri, MD
Dianne Butera, MSW
Ina Caligaro, PharmD
Amy Heath, PT, DPT, OCS
Moya Kinnealey, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, BCP
Nancy Rothman, EdD, RN

Community Preceptors
Susan Brotherton, MSW
Peggy Eagle, BS/MHT
Sara Enes, MSW
Beth Galinsky
Lisa Gass
Sherry Hill
Eliza Johnson, BS
Beth Lewis, DSW, LCW
Jacques Louis
Diane Love
Julie Nelson
Erin O'Brien
Vera Owens, MSW
Doris Phillips
Terry Trudeau, MEd
Kevin Weber


Thomas Jefferson University

Program Staff
Maria Hervada-Page, MSS
R. Patrick McManus Jr., MD
George P. Valko, MD

Academic Preceptors
Marc Altshuler, MD
Nancy E. Brisbon, MD
Lauren Collins, MD
Maria Hervada-Page, MSS
Chris Jerpbak, MD
Caryn Johnson, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA
R. Patrick McManus Jr., MD
Carl Pitts, PT, DPT
Charles A. Pohl, MD
Molly A. Rose, PhD, RN
Rob Simmons, DrPh, MPH, CHES
George Valko, MD
Lara Weinstein, MD
Robert Winn, MD

Community Preceptors
MaryEllen Bolden
Denise Botcheos, LSW
Charles Brown, MSW, LSW
Kate Colameco, BSW
Tiaisha Dandy
Marvin Elias, PhD
Sara Enes, MSW
Rita Genovese, CPC, PCS
Jeannette Johnson
Kim Johnson, MPH
Regina Linehan, RN, MS, CDE
Heather Palasky, BSN, RN
Doris Phillips
Terry Trudeau, MEd
Skip Weiner
Chris Whaley, MA
Neva White, MSN, CRNP, CDE

University of Pennsylvania

Program Staff
Louis M. Bell Jr., MD
Mary Ellen Sheridan Bradley, MSW
Peter F. Cronholm, MD, MSCE
Mary Frances Cummings, MPH, RDH
Jeffrey Draine, PhD, MSW
Arlene Rivera Finkelstein, JD
Joan I. Gluch, PhD, RDH
Ellen Martinak, BS
Ann L. O’Sullivan, PhD, FAAN, CPNP
Susan Primavera
Anthony Rostain, MD, MA
Lucy Wolf Tuton, PhD

Academic Preceptors
Brendan Carr, MD, MS
Peter F. Cronholm, MD, MSCE
Jeffrey Draine, PhD, MSW
Arlene Rivera Finkelstein, JD
Kenneth Ginsburg, MD, MSEd, FAAP
Joan I. Gluch, PhD, RDH
Jeane Ann Grisso, MD, MSc
Carmen Guerra, MD, MSCE
Steve Larson, MD
Raina Merchant, MD
Matt O’Brien, MD
Ann L. O’Sullivan, PhD, FAAN, CPNP
Iris Reyes, MD
Anthony Rostain, MD, MA
Courtney Schreiber, MD, MPH
Charmaine Smith-Wright, MD
Anje Van Berckelaer, MD
Joanne N. Wood, MD
Glenda Wrenn, MD

Community Preceptors
Latifah K. Anderson, BSW
Nicholas Bisaccia, MSEd
Karen DiTrolio, MPA
Sr. Maria Lauren Donohue, MSBT
Frances Drake
Andy Dyson, LCI
Marvin Elias, PhD
Sara Enes, MSW
Paul Giannette, MA
Colleen McCauley, MPH, RN, BSN
Sharon McCollum
Theresa McKelvy, RN, MS
Joy Mitchell
Francine Natal
Geraldine O'Hare, MSN, CRNP
Heather Palasky, BSN, RN
Larry Patrick, MPA
Shaquita Rivers, MHA, MHEd
Randy Taylor
Lorraine Thomas
Terry Trudeau, MEd
Stephani Tyrance, MPH
Kristin Schwab
Alison Sprague, MSS
Eric Williamson


2009-10 Philadelphia Community Partners

For a complete alphabetical list of all 2009 BTG CHIP community partners and to view community project summaries by site, click here.

  • Allegheny West Foundation, Murrell Dobbins Service Learning Project
  • Allegheny West Foundation, Work Ready Philadelphia Program
  • Althea Gibson Community Education and Tennis Center
  • Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education
  • Attic Youth Center, The
  • Bethesda Project, My Brother's House
  • Brother Rousseau Academy
  • Build-a-Bridge
  • Cambria Healthcare Center
  • Carroll Park Neighborhood Youth Achievement Program
  • Children's Crisis Treatment Center, Therapeutic Nursery
  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Early Head Start Program
  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Primary Care Center at Cobbs Creek
  • Church of the Advocate
  • Columbia North YMCA
  • Community Women's Education Project, Early Learning Center
  • Consortium, Inc., Chestnut Place Clubhouse
  • Consortium, Inc., PRIDE Partial Hospital Program
  • Covenant House Pennsylvania
  • East Park Revitalization Alliance
  • EducationWorks, Grays Ferry Beacon
  • EducationWorks, Morton Project
  • Family Practice and Counseling Network, The Health Annex
  • Frankie's World
  • Gaudenzia, People with Hope
  • Haddington Townhouses Youth Program
  • Hall Mercer, Child and Family Unit
  • Health Federation of Philadelphia, Early Head Start
  • HERO Community Center
  • Independence Promotion Project, Services on Site
  • Intercommunity Action, Inc., Journey's Way
  • KidZone
  • Lee Cultural Center
  • Lutheran Children and Family Service, Refugee Resettlement Program
  • Lutheran Settlement House, Jane Addams Place
  • Lutheran Settlement House, Senior Center
  • Maternity Care Coalition, Cribs for Kids
  • Mazzoni Center
  • Mercy Hospice
  • Nationalities Service Center, Health Outreach
  • Nationalities Service Center, Senior Center
  • Neighborhood Bike Works
  • New Directions for Women
  • Newcomers' Health Project
  • NewCourtland, Lehigh Senior Center
  • NewCourtland LIFE Program
  • Norris Homes, Norris Kids Camp
  • North Light Community Center
  • Northern Home for Children
  • Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Patient Assistance Program
  • Philadelphia FIGHT
  • Philadelphia Senior Center, South Broad Street Branch
  • Philadelphia Senior Center, Tioga Branch
  • Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service and Education Center
  • Project H.O.M.E., Honickman Center Children's Program
  • Project H.O.M.E., Outreach Coordination Center
  • Project H.O.M.E., Rowan Homes
  • Project H.O.M.E., St. Columba's
  • Project H.O.M.E., Women of Change
  • Public Citizens for Children and Youth
  • Salvation Army, Red Shield Residence
  • South Philadelphia Hispanic Outreach, Archdiocese of Philadelphia
  • Temple Health Connection
  • Temple University Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities
  • Temple University Community Collaborative of Philadelphia
  • Thomas Jefferson University, Exploring Health Careers
  • To Our Children's Future with Health, Lamberton Beacon
  • To Our Children's Future with Health, The Den
  • Unitarian Universalist House, Outreach Program
  • Urban Nutrition Initiative, Nutrition's Most Wanted Program
  • Urban Tree Connection
  • Victim/Witness Services of South Philadelphia
  • Wagner Beacon
  • West Poplar Apartments, Summer Enrichment Program
  • Witnesses to Hunger
  • Women Against Abuse, Children's Services
  • Youth Emergency Service
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