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"We have come to count on working with Bridging the Gaps interns every year … our interns have significantly contributed to the research, writing and advocacy in which PCCY engages that has, in turn, touched the lives of many children in the region."
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BTG CHIP 2011-12 Report

Philadelphia Program Activities

Program Established: 1991.

Program Period: June 20 to August 5, 2011.

Students/Projects/Sites: 169 students participated in 74 projects at 75 sites in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Professional Disciplines: Medicine, public health, dental medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, creative arts in therapy, podiatry, social work, pharmacy, and physical therapy.

Service Days: Students provided 4,392 days of health-related service.

Participating Institutions: Drexel University, La Salle University, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Temple University, Thomas Jefferson University, University of Pennsylvania and University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. The Lehigh Valley students participated in Philadelphia’s core curricular sessions  and students from the New Jersey program participated in selected Philadelphia sessions.

Types of Sites Served: Community organization offices, in the field/community, community health centers/clinics, day camps, recreation centers, treatment centers (day or residential), shelters, geriatric facilities, schools and multiple other sites.

Student Activities:* Health activities planning, health-related client education, community social activities, oral health activities, community outreach, health issues research, assessing community resources, advocacy activities.

Population Demographics: Mixture of men and women; all ages (project dependent); mixture of races/ethnicities, but predominantly African-American; principally English-speaking.

Community Health Issues:* Diet and nutrition, exercise, cardiovascular health, oral health, access to health care, communication (language/literacy), mental health, and obesity.

Community Preceptor Orientation: BTG hosted a community preceptor orientation on June 1, 2011, at Salvation Army’s Red Shield Residence. The majority of Philadelphia program sites were represented. Community preceptors are the on-site contacts/supervisors of the students. This morning event was designed to orient the new preceptors to the BTG program while sharing program updates with all the preceptors. It also provided an opportunity for the community preceptors to participate in small group discussions and network with other BTG nonprofit partners. 

Didactic Sessions: Students from across the city received a full-day orientation on June 22, 2011, and spent each subsequent Wednesday in didactic sessions. Orientation and core curriculum sessions included the following: Program Overview; Mural Arts; Healthy People in a Healthy Philadelphia; BTG Evaluation:  How and Why We Listen; Oral Health Resources; Introduction of Resource Fair; Welcome from the PA Department of Health; Precious Places; Safety; Social Media and Use in the Workplace; Health Literacy; None of Us Are Home Until All of Us Are Home; Overview of Small Groups; Advocacy and Community Building; Incarceration; Healing Hurt People: A Trauma-informed Approach to Victims of Violence; Firearm Violence – A Public Health Issue;  Insurance;  Community Mapping: Geographic Information Systems and Geospatial Technologies;  Building Resilience;  Small Groups Presentations.

In addition, on June 29, 2011, in the afternoon, all students attended one of five skill-building workshops designed to help students acquire skills directly relevant to their projects: Summer Success Skills; Working with Adolescents; Understanding the Families We Serve; Homelessness/Mental Health/Addiction;  Observing, Listening, and Sharing: Ideas for Working with Older Adults; and Culture/Language Issues and Skills. On subsequent Wednesdays, students returned to their Component Programs for afternoon didactic sessions.

Community Resource Session: To give students an understanding of how to access the many existing resources in the city, community organizations were invited to the orientation lunch to share information about their work.  Community organizations present were: The Bryson Institute of the Attic Youth Center; The College of Physicians of Philadelphia; The National Kidney Foundation; Neighborhood Bike Works; Operation Warm, Inc.; PA Department of Health; Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging; Philadelphia FIGHT; Public Citizens for Children and Youth; Philadelphia Senior Center, Tioga Branch; and Women Against Abuse.

Oral Health Activities: Because of the central role of oral health in overall well-being (Report of the Surgeon General on Oral Health, 2000), BTG students are encouraged to incorporate oral health activities into their projects, when appropriate. A dental mentor and registered dental hygienist from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine offered information and expertise on oral health educational activities to all BTG CHIP students. Students reported that 54 of the 74 projects (73%) incorporated oral health activities. Students estimated that they provided health education to 841 children (aged 13 and under), 167 youth (aged 14 to 20) and 931 adults. 

Cardiovascular Health Activities: Of the 166 students who completed the cardiovascular activity questionnaire, 123 students (74%) reported that they engaged in cardiovascular education activity in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia’s Annual Heart Smart Dinner takes place at Thomas Jefferson University, midway through the program. The event is designed as a way to raise awareness and understanding of cardiovascular health, while celebrating community involvement in BTG. Students, faculty, community preceptors and some clients from participating community organizations attend.

In the weeks leading up to the dinner, BTG students work with community partners (except at sites where the activity is not appropriate) developing colorful posters that illustrate a heart smart theme. On the night of the dinner, all the posters created by the community organizations are displayed and attendees vote on their favorite. The winners of the 2011 Heart Smart Poster Contest were East Park Revitalization Alliance and Sayre Health Center. Organizations are offered a $100 prize for the winning posters.

Annual Symposium: The BTG 21th Anniversary Symposium took place on September 16, 2011, at Congregation Rodeph Shalom. See details.

*The information provided here reflects only those categories reported by 40% or more of students participating at this BTG program location.

2011-12 Philadelphia Program Participants

Philadelphia Small Group Leaders

Academic Leaders
Dianne Butera, MSW
Robert Edwin Carter Jr., MSW
Mary Frances Cummings, MPH, RDH
Elissa Goldberg, MSS, LSW
Maria Hervada-Page, MSS
Jack B. Lewis, MSW, LCSW
Mary Ellen Miller, PhD, RN
Kathleen H. Neumeister, RN, MSN, CSN
Ruth Schemm, EdD, OTR/L
Nicole Thomas

Community Preceptors
Joe Bradley, MA
Tariem Burroughs
Cydney Irving Dasent, MBA, MSW
Glenna Deekle, MSW
Mary J. Fallon, MA
Janet S. Riley Ford, MSW, LSW
Diane Gass
Frances Kloos
Marian Lasky, BS
Anthony Singleton, BSW

Drexel University

Program Staff
Elissa Goldberg, MSS, LSW
Steven Rosenzweig, MD
Vincent Zarro, MD, PhD

Academic Preceptors
Robert Chapman, PhD
Nina Cheung, MD
Mario Cruz, MD
Diane Gottleib, MD
Elizabeth Hartzell, PhD
Florence Ierardi, MM, MT-BC, LPC
Priscilla Killian, MSN, RN, MHPNP
Ray Lum, MPhil, MS
Amy Montemarano, JD
Janet Moore, PsyD
Candace Robertson-James, MPH
Anthony Rodriguez, MD
Steven Rosenzweig, MD
Ellen Schelly-Hill, MMT, BC-DMT, LPC, NCC
Daniel Taylor, DO, FAAP
Rashida T. West, JD
Vincent Zarro, MD, PhD

Community Preceptors
Tara Anastasi
Roberta Balsam, MA
David Cicero Bevacqua, MS
Amanda Breen, PhD
Tariem Burroughs, BS
Theodore Corbin, MD, MPP
Beth Cwiklinski, MSW
Eric Dolaway
Sara Enes, MSW
Mary J. Fallon, MA, NHA
Jacinto J. Grant, MSW
Victoria Harris, BSW
Ben Hirsh
Madeline Hoch
Suku John, PhD
Denise Johnson
Mark Lyons, PA-C, MPH
Arlene Malcolm-Bell, PhD
Linda Rich, MA
Agina Shaw
Danielle Stollak
Tara Swartzendruber-Landis
Maria Tate
Lynn Trimborn, RN
Renee Turchi, MD, MPH
Lori Walsh
Alysia Williams, MA
Vincent Zarro, MD, PhD

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Program Staff
Eugene Mochan, PhD, DO
Janna Erlien
Tracey Wheeler

Academic Preceptors
Eugene Mochan, PhD, DO
Kathleen H. Neumeister, RN, MSN, CSN
Ruth L. Schemm, EdD, OTR/L

Community Preceptors
Rhonda Blackson, RN
Paulette Copeland-Bolton
Patricia Dawley, MSW
Hugh Dixon
Sara Enes, MSW
Rebecca Kochman, MSW
Angela Libby, MA, ATR
Shekima Murray
Melanie Palmer
Stacie Skiffer
Carolyn Stewart
Robin Torrence, MEd
Michele Woltz, MHS, CRNP, CARN

Temple University

Program Staff
Trisha Acri, MD
Dianne Butera, MSW
Ina Caligaro, PharmD
Lisa P. Deem, DMD, JD
Eliza Johnson, BS
David Martin
Judith A. Parker-Kent, OTD, EdS, OTR/L, FAOTA
Kathleen Reeves, MD
Nancy Rothman, EdD, RN

Academic Preceptors
Trisha Acri, MD
Dianne Butera, MSW
Ina Calligaro, PharmD
Kathleen Reeves, MD
Nancy Rothman, EdD, RN

Community Preceptors
Marla Bellamy, JD, MGA
Susan Brotherton, MSW
Alexis Brown, MBA
Carolyn Crouch, MBA
Phillys Diamond
Peggy Eagle, BS/MHT
Sara Enes, MSW
Sarah Erdo
Lisa Gass
Jillian Gonzales
Eliza Johnson, BS
Diane Love
Michelle Lutz, BSW
Victor Negron
Julie Nelson
Melanie Palmer
Doris Philips
Jon Scott
Nancy Shaw
Fayette Smith
Robin Torrence, MEd
Kevin Weber
Vincent Zarro, MD, PhD


Thomas Jefferson University

Program Staff
Maria Hervade-Page, MSS
R. Patrick McManus Jr., MD
George P. Valko, MD

Academic Preceptors
Lauren Collins, MD
Maria Hervada-Page, MSS
Caryn Johnson, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA
R. Patrick McManus Jr., MD
Carl Pitts, PT, DPT
Robert Simmons, DrPH
Robert Winn, MD, AAHIVMS

Community Preceptors
Virginia Austin
Mary Ellen Bolden
Charles Brown, MSW, LSW
Kimberly Daye-Hardy, MEd
Sara Enes, MSW
Natasha Kelemen
Willie D. Little, MSW
Brenee Naylor, MS
Kelley O'Neill
Jason A. Roskowski
Anthony Singleton
Terry Trudeau, MEd
Christine Whaley, MA
Skip Wiener

University of Pennsylvania

Program Staff
Mary Ellen Bradley, MSW
Louis M. Bell Jr., MD
Peter F. Cronholm, MD, MSCE
Mary Frances Cummings, MPH, RDH
Jeff Draine, PhD
Arlene Rivera Finkelstein, JD
Joan I. Gluch, PhD, RDH
Ellen Martinak, BS
Ann L. O'Sullivan, PhD, FAAN, CPNP
Susan Primavera
Anthony Rostain, MD, MS, MA
Lucy Wolf Tuton, PhD

Academic Preceptors
Steven J. Berkowitz, MD
Hillary R. Bogner, MD, MSCE
Cabrina Campbell, MD
Jeffrey Draine, PhD, MSW
Joel A. Fein, MD, MPH
Joe Metmowlee Garland, MD
Joan I. Gluch, PhD, RDH
David Grande, MD, MPA
Jack Ludmir, MD
Raina Merchant, MD, MS
Ann L. O'Sullivan, PhD, FAAN, CRNP
Anthony Rostain, MD, MA
Courtney Schreiber, MD, MPH
Joanne N. Wood, MD, MSHP
Charmaine Smith Wright, MD, MSc

Community Preceptors
Gillian Bazelon, PhD
David Cicero Bevacqua, MS
Nicholas Bisaccia, MSEd
Jacqui Bowman, PhD
Karen DiTrolio, MPA
Sr. Maria Lauren Donohue, MSBT
Monique Dowd, MA, RD, LDN, CDE
Lisa Eible, LCSW, MSW
Marvin Elias, PhD
Paul Giannette, MA
Jon Goff
Jillian Gonzales
Sipi Gupta, JD
Katherine Harton, RN, BSN
Denise Johnson
Theresa McKelvy, RN, MS
Laval Miller-Wilson, JD
Victor Negron
Geraldine O'Hare, MSN, CRNP
Kelley O'Neill
Ayeisha Patterson, MEd
Sarah Peterson, MSW
Edna Reddick
Michael Reid
Shaquita Rivers, MHA, MHEd
Clayton Ruley, MSS, MLSP
Tinesha Sallard
Anthony Singleton
Chad Thomas, MPH
Terry Trudeau, MEd
Eric Williamson

2011-12 Philadelphia Community Partners

For a complete alphabetical list of all 2011 BTG CHIP community partners and to view community project summaries by site, click here.

  • Allegheny West Foundation
  • Archdiocese of Philadelphia, South Philadelphia Hispanic Outreach
  • Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education Center
  • [The] Attic Youth Center
  • Bethesda Project, My Brother's House
  • Build-a-Bridge
  • Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly (CARIE)
  • Center for Non-Violence and Social Justice, Healing Hurt People Program
  • Children's Crisis Treatment Center, Therapeutic Nursery
  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Early Head Start Program
  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Primary Care at Cobbs Creek
  • College of Physicians of Philadelphia
  • Community Women's Education Project, Early Learning Center
  • Consortium, Inc., Chestnut Place Clubhouse
  • Consortium, Inc., Seeds of Hope
  • Covenant House Pennsylvania
  • Drexel University, The Center for Hunger-Free Communities
  • East Park Revitalization Alliance
  • EducationWorks, Germantown High School Project
  • EducationWorks, South Philadelphia High School Project
  • Foundations, Inc., Seeds for Learning
  • Francis J. Myers Recreation Center
  • Gaudenzia, People With Hope
  • H.E.R.O. (Helping Energize and Rebuild Ourselves) Community Center
  • Haddington Townhouses, Summer Youth Program
  • Hall Mercer, Child and Family Unit
  • Health Federation, Early Head Start Program, Frankford Site
  • Health Federation, Early Head Start Program, Franklin Site
  • HIAS and Council Migration Services of Philadelphia
  • Intercommunity Action, Inc., Journey's Way
  • John Bartram High School, Summer Bridge Program
  • Keystone Mercy Health Plan
  • Lee Cultural Center
  • LIFE A Clinical Practice of Penn Nursing
  • Lutheran Children and Family Service, Refugee Resettlement Program
  • Lutheran Settlement House, Senior Center
  • Maternity Care Coalition, Cribs for Kids Program
  • Mazzoni Center, Community Health Center
  • Mercy Hospice
  • Nationalities Service Center
  • Nationalities Service Center, Nationalities Senior Center
  • Neighborhood Bike Works
  • New Directions for Women, Inc.
  • Newcomers' Health Project, Chinatown Clinic
  • NewCourtland LIFE
  • NewCourtland Senior Centers
  • Norris Homes, Norris Kids Camp
  • North Light Community Center
  • Northern Home for Children
  • Pennsylvania Health Law Project
  • People's Emergency Center
  • Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness Program
  • Philadelphia Department of Public Health, The Patient Assistance Program
  • Philadelphia FIGHT
  • Philadelphia Futures, Entrepreneurship/Business Planning
  • Philadelphia Futures, Philadelphia Storytelling Project
  • Philadelphia Senior Center, Services on Site
  • Philadelphia Senior Center, South Broad Street Branch
  • Philadelphia Senior Center, Tioga Branch
  • Prevention Point Philadelphia
  • Project H.O.M.E., Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs, Restorative Practices
  • Project H.O.M.E., Kairos House
  • Project H.O.M.E., St. Columba's Safe Haven
  • Salvation Army, Red Shield Residence
  • Sayre Health Center
  • St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, The Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs
  • Temple University, Center for Bioethics, Urban Health and Policy
  • The Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service and Education Center
  • To Our Children's Future With Health, The Den
  • Unitarian Universalist House, Outreach Program
  • Urban Blazers
  • Urban Tree Connection
  • Women Against Abuse, Emergency Shelter, Children's Summer Program
  • Women Against Abuse, Sojourner House
  • Youth Emergency Service


See a Heart Smart Happy Birthday Wish for BTG.
“I may consider starting a partnership with other practicing health-care professionals in a variety of disciplines under one roof. Bridging the Gaps has taught me that in order to truly connect with members of the community to provide a quality health-care home, you must establish a strong connection with all other institutions of health in the community.”
Dylan Bordonaro
University of Pennsylvania
School of Dental Medicine

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