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"The BTG students bring a heightened level of enthusiasm, creativity, and professionalism to the participants that we serve ... Without a doubt, the BTG students have enriched the lives of those around them ..."
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2012-13 Seminar Series 

Summary Data

During the 2012-13 program year, 186 students attended at least one seminar. The Seminar Series provides a forum for students to conceptualize how they might support and improve quality of life for their future patients/clients. The following topics were presented:

  • A Vision for the City
  • Addressing Adolescent Risk: Building on Strength
  • Introduction to Refugee Health  
  • Navigating Emergency Medical Assistance: Health Rights of the Uninsured
  • Addressing the Health Issues of Transgender People
  • Harm Reduction 101
  • Living on the Edge: Hospice Basics
  • Healing the Wounds of Violence for Young Black Men
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"The BTG Clinical experience is unique ... What a perspective-broadening program this has been, building knowledge from the internship and seminar series and then putting that knowledge to use in a setting that demonstrated an ideal model of care."
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