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Predoctoral Training Grant in Genetics

Predoctoral Training Grant in Genetics

NIH-funded training grant T32GM008216 has supported predoctoral training in Genetics at UPenn for over 25 years. The grant supports the stipends of 8 dissertation-stage students per year, and also provides these trainees with additional funds for travel to scientific conferences and for purchase of lab supplies. In addition to participating in regular genetics training activities that are available to all students, T32 trainees receive extra mentoring and often serve as pilots for testing out new activities or practices.

Applying for GEN-TG support

New trainees are selected each March by a competitive process. An email announcement soliciting applications will be sent to all BGS students and T32 trainers. Students usually apply in Spring of year 2, prior to taking the Prelim Exam. Students can also apply in Spring of year 1.

Applicants may be members of any BGS graduate group. However, for an applicant to be considered for a position, their academic record should include:

GEN-TG trainees will receive:

Responsibilities of GEN-TG trainees include:

GEN-TG Executive Committee:

Meera Sundaram, PI
Marisa Bartolomei
Russ Carstens
Doug Epstein
Tom Jongens

GEN-TG Trainees
Grad Program Lab
Kelsey Johnson CAMB/GGR Voight
Jonathan Rumley CAMB/GGR Murray
Jeremy Grevet CAMB/GGR Blobel
Allison Jamieson-Lucy CAMB/DSRB Mullins
Jennifer Myers CAMB/GGR Bartolomei
Suzi Shapira CAMB/GGR Seale
Aaron Leichty Biology Poethig
Kate Palozola CAMB/GGR Zaret
Alex Rohacek CAMB/DSRB Epstein
Ellie Weisz CAMB/GGR Jongens

GEN-TG Training Faculty
Edwin (Ted) Abel Struan Grant David Raizen
Marisa Bartolomei Brian Gregory Richard Schultz
Greg Bashaw Brad Johnson Patrick Seale
Shelley Berger Thomas Jongens Amita Sehgal
Ben Black Klaus Kaestner Eileen Shore
Gerd Blobel Mitchell Lazar Jim Shorter
Edward (Ted) Brodkin Paul Lieberman Nancy Spinner
Maja Bucan Stephen Liebhaber Meera Sundaram
Rick Bushman Kristen Lynch Sarah Tishkoff
Russ Carstens Maureen Murphy Ben Voight
Steve DiNardo Mary Mullins Doris Wagner
Douglas Epstein John Murray Kenneth Zaret
Benjamin Garcia Scott Poethig Zhaolan (Joe) Zhou

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