Cell & Molecular Biology Graduate Group




All applications are due by December 1st. Applications will be evaluated in December and early January. Applicants who are selected for interviews will be invited, at our expense, for one of three interview weekends; January 15-16, January 29-30, and February 19-20. Announcement of admission and fellowship awards to successful candidates will normally be made shortly after the interview session. International applicants will be interviewed by telephone. All CAMB students receive fellowships that cover tuition and fees, as well as a stipend of $30,500 per year.

We require the general GRE test and the TOEFL for applicants from countries where English is not the first language. Test scores must be submitted from ETS by the deadline. It is important for students applying to this program from outside the United States to realize that funding for overseas students is very limited, and thus the application process is extremely competitive.

All aspects of the application are important to us. We expect that all of our applicants will have had significant research experience. Please include specific information about your research experience in your personal statement. Please also be sure to ask at least one of your research mentors to provide a letter of recommendation; preferably, that should be the person who has been your mentor in your most recent research endeavor.

BGS also offers certificate programs in medicine, public health, and environmental health sciences. Detailed information on these programs can be found here.

Admission decisions are e-mailed to all applicants no later than March 15.

The deadline to accept or decline the offer of admission is April 15. If your original admission reply form is not received by April 15, BGS has discretion to rescind the offer of admission and financial aid. The University of Pennsylvania subscribes to the policy of the Council of Graduate Schools regarding this reply date.

Information about graduate student life at Penn can be found here.

2014 Admissions Season

We had 494 applications to our program for entrance in Fall 2015, 326 from US citizens or permanent residents of the US and 168 from citizens of other countries. We interviewed 115 and accepted 108. Our incoming class will have 37 students (65% female, 16% under-represented minority and 5% international). The table below breaks down their GPA and GRE scores. Please keep in mind that these numbers are not the only thing that our admissions committee looks at. Research experience, publications and letters of recommendation play an important role in the selection process.