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Behavioral Genetics and Neurobiology


The following GGR laboratories are interested in behavioral genetics and neurobiology

(Edwin) Ted Abel

The molecular basis of synaptic plasticity, learning and memory; the molecular basis of sleep/wake regulation.

Roberto Bonasio Epigenetics, chromatin, noncoding RNAs, ants
Nancy Bonini Molecular genetics of neurodegenerative disease.
Edward S. Brodkin Genetic analysis of social behaviors (aggressive and affiliative behaviors) and related brain phenotypes in mouse models relevant to autism and schizophrenia.
Maja Bucan
Genetic dissection of complex behaviors in mice; Functional genomics
Alice Chen-Plotkin I am interested in neurodegenerative diseases; my research approach uses genomic-scale screens to identify leads for downstream mechanistic follow-up in cell culture systems.
Douglas Epstein
Regulation of Sonic hedgehog signaling in development and disease
Thomas Jongens
Modeling Fragile X Mental Retardation in Drosophila; Germ Cell Specification
Kazuko Nishikura
RNA metabolism/processing. RNA editing, RNAi mechanism, apoptosis, cell cycle regulation.
David Raizen The regulation and purpose of sleep-like behavior in C. elegans
Amita Sehgal
Molecular basis of behavior
Zhaolan (Joe) Zhou Epigenetic Control of Experience-dependent Gene Expression in Brain Development and Disease

Other CAMB laboratories (with research related to GGR) interested in behavioral genetics and neurobiology.

Greg Bashaw Signaling mechanisms that function during attractive and repulsive axon guidance.
Michael Granato Axonal guidance and motor behavior regulation in the zebrafish.

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