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Signal Transduction

The following laboratories are interested in signal transduction.

Yair Argon
Functions of molecular chaperones in the immune system - modulation of antigen receptors expression and of peptide presentation.
Lawrence F. Brass
Mechanisms of thrombosis.
Janis Burkhardt Regulation and function of the T cell cytoskeleton.
Margaret Chou
Mechanisms of malignant transformation; signaling by small GTPases; regulation of vesicular trafficking; ubiquitination.
Dennis Discher
Cell and nuclear membrane structure-function; Adhesion mechanisms and responses of cells; Phagocyte recognition processes; Membrane skeleton and cytoskeleton; Diseases ranging from muscular dystrophy to anemias to athersclerosis; Drug delivery.
J. Kevin Foskett

Ion channels, calcium signaling, cystic fibrosis.

Paul Janmey Cytoskeleton, phosphoinositide signalling, cell mechanics.
Mark Kahn Signaling pathways in angiogenesis and hemostasis.
Michael Lampson Mitotic kinase signaling, chromosome segregation in mitosis and meiosis, kinetochore function.
Robert Lee

Epithelial ion and fluid transport, calcium/cAMP/nitric oxide signaling, extra-oral taste receptors, respiratory mucociliary transport and innate immunity, respiratory physiology and pathophysiology, chronic rhinosinusitis, cystic fibrosis

Paul Titchenell Molecular mechanisms of insulin signaling and insulin resistance
Rebecca Wells
TGF-ß receptor biology; Hepatic stellate cell function in liver fibrosis.

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