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Embryo & Fetal Development

The following DSRB Laboratories are interested in embryo & fetal development:

Montserrat C Anguera

Roles of long noncoding RNAs during early development and how their misregulation results in disease
Maya Capelson * Nuclear structure and its role in gene regulation
* Spatial organization of the genome
* Epigenetic memory of gene expression states
E. Bryan Crenshaw Analysis of the role of developmental regulatory factors during mouse embryogenesis
Jonathan Epstein Transcriptional regulation of cardiac development and function using mouse models
Robert Heuckeroth Our research is focused on the molecular and cellular mechanisms that control enteric nervous system development
Daniel Kessler * Establishment and organization of the primary germ layers
* Formation and function of the Spemann organizer in axial development
* Signaling and transcriptional networks in the vertebrate gastrula
Peter Klein Early vertebrate development and pattern formation, Wnt signaling, chromatin and epigenetic regulation of early development, hematopoietic stem cell biology, neuropharmacology of bipolar disorder, lithium and glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3)
Sarah Millar Development of hair follicles, mammary glands, taste papillae and teeth; regeneration and neogenesis of hair follicles and teeth; hair follicle, mammary gland and dental stem cells; skin and mammary gland tumorigenesis; microRNA functions in embryonic and postnatal skin and mammary glands; functions of histone deacetylases in skin and hair follicle development and renewal
Edward Morrisey Lung development, cardiac development, vascular development, Wnt signaling, regulation of gene transcription, GATA factors, forkhead factors
Mary Mullins BMP signal transduction; molecular mechanisms of cell specification and maternal control in vertebrates
Michael Pack Research interests: Research in my laboratory is geared towards studying medically relevant aspects of digestive organ development
Jonathan Raper Developmental neurobiology, especially axon guidance
Richard Schultz Egg activation and gene expression in mouse embryos
Patrick Seale Stem Cells, Embryonic development, Adipocyte progenitors, Brown adipose tissue, White adipose tissue, PRDM16, PPARgamma
Nancy Speck Hematopoietic stem cells and leukemia using mouse models

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