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The following DSRB laboratories are interested in gametogenesis:

Marisa Bartolomei The research in my laboratory focuses on the study of genomic imprinting and X inactivation in mice.
Stephen DiNardo Stem Cells, Niche, Epithelial Morphogenesis, Cell Polarity
George Gerton Spermatogenesis, Acrosome, Spermatid, Flagellum, Acrosomal matrix, Preimplantation, Embryo, Trophoblast.
Christopher Lengner Interested in the mechanisms by which both somatic and embryonic stem cells acquire and maintain developmental potency. We are also exploring how deregulation of these mechanisms can contribute to oncogenic transformation and tumorigenesis, and how we can learn to manipulate these mechanisms for application in disease modeling and regenerative medicine
Mary Mullins BMP signal transduction; molecular mechanisms of cell specification and maternal control in vertebrates.
Richard Schultz Egg activation and gene expression in mouse embryos.
P. Jeremy Wang Regulation of meiosis, piRNA biogenesis, DNA recombination, chromosome segregation, DNA double-strand break repair, chromosome synapsis, male infertility in humans.

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