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Cell Migration and Morphogenesis


The following DSRB laboratories are interested in cell migration and morphogenesis.

Greg Bashaw

Signaling mechanisms that function during attractive and repulsive axon guidance.

Jonathan Epstein Transcriptional regulation of cardiac development and function using mouse models.
Amin Ghabrial How cells make and shape tubular organs
Jeffrey Golden
Patterning and cell migration in the developing nervous system.
Michael Granato
Axonal guidance and motor behavior regulation in the zebrafish.
Mary Mullins BMP signal transduction; molecular mechanisms of cell specification and maternal control in vertebrates.
Michael Pack Genetic analysis of vertebrate digestive organ development using the zebrafish.
Jonathan Raper
Developmental neurobiology, especially axon guidance.

Other CAMB laboratories (with research related to DSRB) interested in cell migration and morphogenesis.

Steve Reiner

Transcriptional control of lymphocyte differentiation.
Gene silencing, chromatin structure and DNA methylation.

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